FIFA 10 Ultimate Team PS3 Review Gol!!!!!

If you thought FIFA 10 was loaded already, surprise! Make room for yet another huge helping of soccer as this year’s Ultimate Team mode is a lot to take in. The words “big things come in small packages” have never been more true. The file size comes in at around 670 MB but once you starting constructing your dream team, you will think this is a full game.

For return users, EA Sports rewards you with 2 free Gold Packs and a special designation as a FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) Founder to lord over all the newcomers. In 2009, Ultimate Team set new standards for micro managing in a soccer game, but 2010 takes the house that EA Sports built to a level which may be hard for even them to top next year.

You assemble a squad of players by purchasing Bronze, Silver, and Gold player cards using a coin system. Coins are awarded to you for victories in single player and online competitions. With coins, you gain the ability to purchase better assets from the PlayStation Store or the Xbox Live Marketplace in the form of cards packs. In FIFA Ultimate Team 2010, Premium card packs have been introduced which contain 12 cards and 3 rare cards. If you’re looking for a bargain price or rare card, you can still search the Trading section for players, managers, team upgrades, or tactical adjustment cards as well.

To succeed, you have to pay attention to detail as both the overall team rating and chemistry affect the way your team plays. You are also responsible for keeping up player morale and making sure players stay fit. One of the most important improvements allows you to activate cards acquired in your Club book instead of losing access to them. With the added ability of managing several squads, you can use a lot of the cards you buy or earn to compete in tournaments which may have requirements or limitations on player level to participate.

The number of competitions have grown tremendously. In fact, there are several tournaments only available for a limited time so keeping your teams primed and ready is absolutely crucial. Limited time specials also extend to special player cards. EA Sports will reintroduce special player cards for real world soccer players dominating in their respective leagues. Now players from leagues like the Dutch Eredivisie and K-League can be added to your arsenal as well.

There’s so much in the mode, it can’t really be justified by a review and keep in mind, this is just Downloadable Content folks! If you’re looking for a complete football experience, there’s nothing that touches FIFA 2010 on the market and with the addition of Ultimate Team, this is without a doubt the best soccer game released to date.

The only thing missing from the Ultimate Team mode is individual player attitudes, distractions, and personalities. But if the improvements made in this year’s version are any indication, EA Sports is probably already on it. You won’t find a better soccer game mode period…that’s why FIFA 2010’s Ultimate Team Mode gets 5 out of 5 Michelas.