Heavy Rain Review


Quantic Dreams and Director David Cage have much to say with this dark story of loss and pain. Taking a big risk on minimal game play for more of a character driven adventure. Even after the first hour, you have already established a connection with each of the 4 playable characters. Heavy Rain will touch your heart, your fears and most importantly self sacrifice unlike any game before it. Especially to those that have built a family, raised kids or ever experienced a loss to unforeseen circumstances.

As much as I love to praise the branching story paths and nail biting situations. I still found myself fighting with the controller quite often, but not enough to distract from the narrative. Whether it be the tank controls, struggling to hold the controller during play, QTE’s not registering button pushes or six axis movement. More than once had I contemplated replaying a section because the game didn’t recognize my controller command, even if I executed it on time. Regardless of the control situation, I still found myself constantly sucked into the universe.

Every gamer should try to experience Heavy Rain once and probably only once so as not to cheapen the adventure by looking behind the decision path curtain. I’m sure the director would love the player to remember the game as it was played the first time, but I am sure trophy enthusiasts will still attempt to water down the experience by seeing all there’s to see in Heavy Rain. 4 out of 5 Michelas.


During the modern age of media, there’s not often that a particular storyline draws audiences in especially when considering video games. Though enriching, the ties between characters and especially their emotions are barely noticeable. That’s where Heavy Rain comes in. It changes the scope of gaming altogether and introduces a genre that is more than welcome in the face of an overly saturated shooter market.

Everything from the enigmatic characters to the drops of rain pelting everything outdoors is carefully crafted into this game. When your character gets nervous, their thoughts become erratic and you feel it when you have trouble picking out the right choice or your next action. You’re faced with making decisions you thought only could happen in movies and in discerning your actions, you find out a lot about yourself. Perhaps you’re jumpier than you thought and accidentally do something you did not mean. Or maybe you’re cool under pressure…but you can’t talk your way out of a paper sack.

Heavy Rain is indeed more than a game…it is the true definition of art. It is gorgeous, inspiring, and complex. Even after playing through the game with acute eye, you’re still left with questions as the game gives you just enough to answer the most important point of interest. Heavy Rain is unique and so good that it makes you forget about the small problems it has and because of that it gets 5 out of 5 michelas from me.


In a time of first person shooter video games, and PlayStation HOME rendezvous–Heavy Rain steps in and cleans house, by making every other current game out, feel worn out.  Heavy Rain is a fresh, unique, and unforgettable interactive video game, that takes ownership of your thoughts and heart for a good 8 hours.

But exactly how does Heavy Rain deliver an unforgettable and unique experience? This is how: Top notch graphics, that are arguably the best to date; everything from facial expressions, wrinkles and pores, all have incredible detail. The story is one of the most believable and easy to follow stories, that is built to hit you where it hurts–your heart. Everything you do in the game has a purpose; the decisions you choose, affect the outcome of the game, and the outcomes are not always good. Although, there have been complaints regarding Heavy Rain’s control system, I had no problems at anytime during the game; the game is easy to pick up, and control. Quick decisions is a major part in Heavy Rain; think fast or suffer slow. With the good out of the way, it is time to cover the part of the game that affected the score. “The Ending”. (Without spoiling the game), Heavy Rain deserved a giant ending to match the rest of the game. The ending was simply uncalled-for and weak.

Despite my personal thoughts on the game’s ending, Heavy Rain is an unforgettable and unique experience; it allows the non-gamers a chance to experience a video game made simple, interactive and touching, while giving the everyday gamers, a true, fresh and desirable experience that cannot be found in any other game. Final Michela rating: 4 out of 5.


As we enter the fourth month of the year, the PlayStation 3 continues to dominate the video game world with heavy hitting, exclusive titles. Heavy Rain is a PS3 exclusive title that caught everyone by surprise and caught everyone’s attention with its unique, interactive, and dramatic gameplay as well as the gorgeous graphics. Quantic Dreams set out to change the way gamers play video games and sure enough, they delivered. The ability to play as four different protagonists and each with different events going on that somehow ties them all together is something that has not been seen in a game as of late. The story that ties all of these four characters is unique, dramatic, touching, and addicting. Each scene that passes by is filled with excitement and keeps you at the edge of your seat wanting to find out what’s next. In my opinion, every game with a great and unique story line like Heavy Rain, must be accompanied by great graphics to receive the seal of approval from the players. Heavy Rain is a gorgeous looking game that will definitely not disappoint, with it’s detailed characters and atmosphere, Heavy Rain stands out as a game with some of the best graphics!

Just like a lady, Heavy Rain needs attention; although that can be arguable, you will find yourself spending a lot of time with this game once you start it. Heavy Rain is truly a piece of art with its touchy and addicting story line and the great visuals, Heavy Rain is a must play! Final Michela Rating: 4 out of 5.


Quantic Dream’s third developed title is Heavy Rain, a interactive drama that is a vacuum of pure intense scenarios that you need to accomplish. It is hard for me to called it a traditional game, since you are not hacking and slashing, or role playing but rather playing a interactive movie. I wouldn’t say that it’s purely a interactive movie because the story is not too linear, there are multiple ways that you can finish the game, good or bad with different variations.

Each scene will pull you in and test you morally, leaving you breathless until you finish it. Although the acting is very poor, along with the dialogue between the characters, this wont stop it from having a rich storyline, the emotion that David Cage emphasizes on the characters themselves to engage you and care for them is superb. You care for every character you play with and try not to get them killed no matter what, when i made a mistake during the action sequences or dialogue i asked myself if there was a better choice.

Games are meant to be fun, with other games violence is done without question, but with Heavy Rain those acts of violence wont be as easy to do. You will think about the right choice and regret it if you picked the wrong one. The engagement factor for Heavy Rain is 5 Michelas out of 5.

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