Heavy Rain is the Real Graphics King to Date

With only days away from God of War 3, the game that many have already crowned as the best looking game ever made; another PS3 exclusive by the name of “Heavy Rain”, still holds the crown for best graphics to date.

Even after the release of God of War 3, people may find it hard to decide which game actually looks better. Both God of War 3 and Heavy Rain take graphics to a whole new level, but each game’s graphics shine with different styles. God of War 3 with the art style graphics, and Heavy Rain with the real life style graphics.

But how real does Heavy Rain really look? Heavy Rain has the best real life character design by far. Every move, wrinkle, face pore, and facial expressions are identical and incredibly close to those of the real human actors–something every gamer at one point, may have wondered if it would ever be possible. Well, in 2010 is has become possible.

The video below shows the casting of the Heavy Rain actors, and the actual in game and real life comparisons.

God of War 3 may indeed have the best art style graphics, but when it comes to real life graphics, Heavy Rain is in a league of its own; by being the most realistic looking game to date.

Heavy Rain

  • Kosamus

    Wow, that is some horrible acting, lol. Loved the game, but the actors definitely needed some more direction.

  • donnyT

    on consoles maybe. Nothing even comes close to crysis

    • orbilator

      ok show me crysis running on at 250 pound pc and we can compare gfx running again ok. such a PC fanboy looooool

      • Chris

        ok show me ps3 run photoshop, office and browse the internet and we can compare systems again ok.

        • Mutated_Elf_Thing


          “Browse the internet” ? You do know that the PS3 has a built in browser ? Right ?

          And if you have anything but the slim, you can install Linux on there and get full office and photo manipulation software (OpenOffice/GIMP respectively) easy peasy.

          You obviously know pretty much nothing of what you talk about.

          • OtakuD

            Yeah I have YDL on my PS3, play all my old games on my PS3s wireless remote which is SO much more comfy and I dont have to lug out my old consoles either. Plus the upscaling is excellent and even looks better than my originals! ^.^

    • Crysis was good when it came out but it’s nothing special nowadays, the only reason people seem to think it’s really amazing demanding is because it’s tested on unrealistic resolutions no-one is ever going to us. Sure the environments are pretty but you get up close and personal to someone’s face and Heavy Rain is by far the superior one.

      I’m a PC gamer myself a decent fraction of the time and Heavy Rain is still one of the best looking games I’ve ever played.

  • Overcow

    “Heavy Rain is the uncanny valley King to Date”


  • xino

    “so…what part of this eh….zone! are we talking about?”

    Get angry at Blake and this part kicks off.

    i love this scene:)

    I would agree that Heavy Rain’s graphics is king, but the visuals is not the best. I mean I could see tiny spots on Ethan’s skin when he woke up.
    So much deep details.

  • OtakuD

    Maybe Im missing something but FFXIII is king of graphics atm as far as Im concerned, I mean cummon 1080p!? Heavy Rain looks pretty grainy actually… -.-‘

  • Chris N

    Real graphics king to date? “Rain is in a league of its own; by being the most realistic looking game to date” Really now?

    The graphics of heavy rain are limited only to the faces of the main characters. What about the rest of the game? Has anyone actually spend time looking around? We’ve seen games depicting realism a lot better than Heavy Rain, we’ve seen games demonstrating real acting a lot better than Heavy Rain, we’ve even seen games with better raining effects than Heavy Rain. But, hey, as long as the characters faces are photorealistic that does it.

    Desz I know you won’t agree if you even bother to read this, but fi you play the game again do take a look around. At the environment, the doors, the chairs, the clothes, even Madison’s underwear, the textures, the lighting, the shadowing, the work done by the artists. Because the “real life graphics” require a lot more work than what you are calling art style graphics, and Heavy Rain APART from the characters’ faces and some work on their skin doesn’t deliver on graphics.

    • Hey Chris,

      I don’t disagree with you at all. Heavy Rain has the best real life human look a like graphics, like I stated. Facial expression, pores, wrinkles, and the the overall almost identical look of the characters to those of real life. The water is the best looking water I have ever seen in a game as well. But you are right, other game’s environments may look better, but I went off mostly the real life comparison. The video above proves that. How much closer can you get a pixel to look like the real thing? Their acting did suck though. And Madison is Bad!!

      Many peeps still believe Uncharted 2 has the best graphics. The PS3 is a graphics monster, seriously when we start having debates about games on one console, they must be doing something right.

      What does everybody think–top five best looking games on the PS3?

  • Joe

    IMO – Uncharted 2 is still the best looking game to date – we’ll see when GOW III comes out – I know PC can pump out better graphics, but the way the graphics are presented makes it look so much better.

  • Tomas

    It’s not that easy to say which game is the best looking game. There are four competitors. Crysis, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 and Heavy Rain. (some people might say LittleBigPlanet or GeoW2) Soon also God of War 3. A lot of think it’s definetly Crysis, but I don’t really think so, last time I played Crysis (on full quality) was a few weeks ago, and it doesn’t really impress me anymore. The view distance, textures and physics are incredible, but polygon count, faces and acting needs serious work! In my personal opinion, no game looks better than Uncharted 2, that includes Crysis.
    But all will probably be blown away by Crysis 2, anyway…