PlayStation Move under $100 and Taking Over Motion Controlled Gaming

The new PlayStation motion controller system has been named “PlayStation move” and will be under $100 dollars and available this fall 2010. The PS Move will have several bundled packages.

  • Will be sold as a starter kit that comes with a game, controller, and PlayStation Eye for under $100
  • Will also be sold bundled with the PlayStation 3

Games included:

Table Tennis
Move Party
Little Big Planet support.
Eye Pet
Motion Fighters
Socom 4

  • Kosamus

    It’s coming this Fall. Wasn’t it originally planned for Spring? Glad they are taking the time to build some awesome launch titles and put cash in plenty of marketing. Is rumble included in the controller?

    36 publishers are working on Motion games! Thats is some great news. Just hope its not shovelware.

  • Siggy

    I hope it’s under $50. I’ll buy day 1 if it is.

    • lol, they said under $100– I’m thinking $99.99 lol

  • Nkd7

    Lmao @ desz

  • 1ST day buy for me without a doubt!

    I don’t like my Wii because it isn’t black and because it isn’t HD, this solves both problems.