Incredible God of War 3 Speed Painting

God of War 3 wallpapers, posters, and paintings are all hot items right now. But exactly how much work does it take to create such a piece of art? Check out a God of War 3 speed painting caught all on video.

Incredible work DOOM CMYK! You can download DOOM CMYK’s God of War 3 wallpaper right here

Show some love to TQFam DOOM CMYK for all his hard work and talent! Check out his portfolio at

  • Incredible Doom! Do you use a pencil like device with tablet in photoshop?

  • Hoshneer

    Dude, I don’t wanna stroke your frakkin ego, but DAMN! That was pretty awesome!

  • Damn this is incredible, Doom. That’s crazy! this video has over 2,600 views already!!! Keep this videos coming, Doom !!!

  • Denoch

    All i have to say is WOW, that looks like it took hours to draw.