Microsoft’s Next System may not be a Game Console

Even after the defeat of HD-DVD, Microsoft didn’t show any interest in adopting Blu-Ray what so ever. Some say it was due to pride, while others state it was due to the money and the mind set Microsoft had set for the future. While Sony is doing incredibly well recently, Blu-Ray without a doubt has been a great feature for the PS3. Sony doesn’t have to worry about size limits when it comes to PS3 games just yet. But eventually even Blu-Ray will need an upgrade–which could be exactly what Microsoft foresees. Below are 5 reasons why Microsoft’s next system may not be a game console, but an interface.

5. Xbox LIVE- Microsoft has already started a proving axiom for Xbox Live–“everywhere”, so why not continue to provide the live experience without having a console. Xbox LIVE, much like the internet, would be a portal to a virtual world. Take the new Windows 7 phone for instance–Xbox Live will be integrated on the phone. While Microsoft has stated that games will be available, it is still unclear exactly what the gaming potentials will be.

4. Zune video on Xbox LIVE- Microsoft’s 1080p HD movie streaming via Zune Video has been providing Xbox LIVE members with an easy way to stream high def 1080p movies without a disc. Another hint that physical media is not a priority for Microsoft.

3. Xbox Games On Demand- Xbox’s Games on Demand have already been a hit for Microsoft, so why not continue on this trend by providing games on any Xbox Live enabled device.

2. Blu-Ray- Let’s face it, Microsoft will not give in, and will not ever release a Blu-Ray capable gaming console, so what other options does Microsoft have? Please see number one (below) for the answer.

1. OnLive – Recent OnLive press conference videos have proved that OnLive has tons of potential. Why wouldn’t Microsoft have interest in the idea–or even work together somehow to bring an identical experience to the gamer without a console? Heck, Microsoft is no stranger to intercepting ideas–and calling off all disc enabled consoles in exchange for an interface device much like that of OnLive’s with low latency video, would be exactly what Xbox Live could have in store.

Although many are anticipating a new Microsoft gaming console that supports larger capacity discs, that console may never come. Microsoft seems to be dedicated and focused on downloadable content that would be readily available for streaming or download to any Xbox live enabled device or interface.

  • All great points… but what do you do if your internet connection is bad or if you don’t have internet. Then you just cut out a lot of people from buying your new “console”.

    • Talking about Internet connectivity issues or lack of Internet now a days should get thrown out the window. Seriously, most gamers have a good connection. And if they don’t– they should play a Wii.

      Internet issues would have probably been an issue several years ago, but times have changed., if you can’t play with the big boys, then play with the Wii.

  • I agree with you Desz when you say “most gamers have a good connection. ”

    I think the real question here is: the Price.
    Since we’re not actually buying physical media, do you think the prices of games will decrease, be the same, or increase?

    • I think it will run by subscription. So you would probably pay a certain amount per year. They might even have several options. One with movies and games, other with just games, ect..

  • Kosamus

    I love the fact that online is the future for gaming, movies, music and storage. The one thing I hate is all the loops and flips consumers have to go through when DRM fails because of a virus, hack, or even a console failure.

    I imagine a scenario were a fire breaks out in the server room and everyone of the interface profiles are gone from existence. Everything you ever bought is now just a memory in cyberspace. Almost like your long lost jr high geocities page.

    Being online for everything really alienates people a bit too much. I have plenty of scenarios were my net goes down for different reasons. That means every piece of media that could entertain me till my net comes back on is non-existent.

    Examples. Rock Band & Lips DLC tracks will not work when your not online. I like to take my system to go play at a friends house but he doesn’t have the net so we cant play any of the tracks i bought just for the occasion.

    PSN network took a dump on itself and no one could play their games because of trophy online sync crashes.

    Could’nt retrieve my FINALS homework because the cloud online storage network was down for a few hours and I failed to submit it on time because of the false security. So looks like I have to repeat this $1000 class. damn!

    Like I said, its a love and hate relationship. Its almost like you have to ask permission from your corporate daddy when you want to play his games. Which he doesn’t have to because your such a tiny lil consumer. Plus he thinks your a crook even if you never BMId in your life!


  • JaeVicious

    I think Desz is on to something. But he hasnt hit it on the head yet. Microsoft ALEADY said they want to move to a diskless media… They say that all the time. We just arent sure what that is… But they will have a console. even onlive has a CONSOLE to hook your controller into. If not what do we plug our controllers into?

    • It’s not a console though, it’s an interface. OnLive has an interface, not a console. A gaming console means its dedicated to the games–everything gets working within the console. The interface is just a central hub that connects everything together.

      Everybody at last year’s E3 were hating on OnLive, they would get their stickers and throw them away. I really think that OnLive will have the last laugh. That’s just me.

  • Glenn

    Greaqt points all can be solved by including a large HD in the new console or Tivo box whatever they call it.

    Imagine this..

    Booting up your xbox 720 going to a LIVE interface like onlives, but you have movies, music, friends, and gaming on the interface. Stream movies, music and games (via rental service) or buy the games which are downloaded to your local HD.

    If your internet goes down your game will be there to play for X days without requiring you to phone home. Ending the my internet is down and I cant play stuff. Just like Apple TV and others do now for rentals.

    So you will have Zune for HD movies, a new rental for games, and I would expect developers to bring new games to the system day and date of store copies as well. These new games would have bonus content for those who buy vs rentals.

    They have to make the console future and current friendly because alot of people will still buy media – so they can make the games fit on 3 discs but than are loaded into the 720 and run from the large HD.

    Win / Win..

  • Kosamus

    Microsoft and affordable hard drives does not compute.

  • Okay. I hate the idea of not having a physical media.

    1) It takes ownership completely out of my hands.

    a. Maybe you can put it on your hard drive, but DRM is always going to play a part. DRM is never an issue with physical media.

    b. If you use iTunes, if you lose your data on your computer, you’re screwed plain and simple. Imagine losing $500 because the hard drive in your console over heated and you didn’t have a backup file. You never have to worry about backing up physical media.


    a) This is the most important part. We’re already getting pumped for high prices of our low speeds. Soon as you start streaming GBs of game playing over your connection, your ISP is going to force you to pay more.

    b) Guess what? There’s nothing you can do about that but cancel? Oh wait…you can’t cancel because then all your games become meaningless and you’ve wasted $500.

    c) So basically you’re stuck keeping an Internet connection which and all ISPs know this. It’s like the health insurance companies…they know you need health insurance and there’s no laws holding them back from charging whatever they want. It will happen because Internet is still not considered a right…it is a luxury which still more than 30% of US citizens don’t enjoy. The percentage of the world’s population is even greater.

    3) The bottom line here is that there are no problems with physical media. You get the game. You have the game. You play it whenever you want to although you won’t be granted trophies.

    a. The PSN crash is a testament to how wrong a streaming services are going to be. Here you have a server affecting PHYSICAL MEDIA because of the way they made things. Don’t think for one second this won’t happen with the stuff on your hard drive or worse being locked out from games on a server.

    b. What if the server crashes so bad it loses records of what you bought. Microsoft and Sony already ban people for trophy and achievement cheating. You think they’re going to take your word that you downloaded that $500 worth of stuff? BETTER KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS MY FRIENDS! You own the disc…that’s proof beyond a shadow of doubt that you own the game …no matter how you got it.

    I am not about to let Internet companies and gaming companies determine when, where, and how much I pay for gaming.

    Let me be clear…I think the digital age is very convenient but we’re setting some horrible precedents. If gaming does indeed start moving towards this digital age, I will cease gaming .

  • repool

    well i just typed a very long and detailed summary of what i thought and dont plan on doing it again soo my main point was that in order to make this happen they would need to use terabite hard drives standard in the devices. it would change the face of technology as we know it eventually lead to the extinction of disks all together and making microsoft the kings of foundation yet once again