A True PS3 Console Seller

With God of War 3 less than 2 weeks away, the much anticipated title is expected to give the PS3 a huge push with console sells. But let’s not forget the game that spiked up the PS3 sells in February. With only one week out, Heavy Rain has not only sold well, it has also been a PS3 console seller.

Heavy Rain Released February 23 in North America, and from the time frame of Feb 14 through Feb 23, the PS3 exclusive title helped Sony sell an extra 17,000 (total 188,000) consoles according to the VGchartz’ previous week PS3 sale numbers (171,000). The numbers stack up pretty close to those of Uncharted 2’s (21,500) in the week before its release, and Killzone 2’s 18,500. And if that weren’t enough, The PS3 120GB console has hit the #2 spot in Amazon’s video game products division– only trailing Final Fantasy 13 (PS3) SKU. Coming in behind the PS3 120GB are God of War 3, BF:Bad Company 2, and Heavy Rain.

At this point we can all agree that David Cage CFO and Director and Writer for Quantic Dreams (The Developers of Heavy Rain) was correct when he stated that Heavy Rain would be a console seller. Heavy Rain’s unique style has gamers turning to the PS3 for the ultimate interactive experience. Heavy Rain is expected to sell up to 1.5 million copies by Christmas 2010. Let’s give it up for Heavy Rain–a true console seller.

How may consoles will God of War 3 sell during its first week of release? More than Heavy Rain, more than Uncharted 2?

  • joe

    17k!? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha console seller??? 17k?! Buahahahahahahahaha

    • LMAO! Hey it sounds funny but the actual total sells if you read above is 188,000 in just one week. 17,000 extra PS3’s sold for it’s release from the prior week’s totals.

      That is $5,100,000 extra because of Heavy Rain.

  • alex c

    how about these,,..i know there not all confirmed, but if you can take my word for it….then get ready…sony’s got game

    Motorstorm 3
    Gran turismo 5
    Twisted Metal 6
    Ace combat 7
    The mark of kri
    Grand theft auto 5
    Uncharted 3
    Resistance 3
    Killzone 3
    God of war 3
    syphon filter 5
    The last guardian
    infamous 2

    all exclusive…even ssx an ea game?!!! real news , better believe im not joking either few surprises in there eh??? peace out yal’l follow twitter mrpurple101

    • Yeah man, I hear Killzone 3 will be announced tonight.http://forums.tqcast.com/gaming-news-f44/killzone-3-to-use-ps3-arc-in-3d-and-unveiled-today-t327.htm#1350

      Great list Alex! Big year for PS3.

    • Tomas

      You’re such a kidder. SSX is likely to be multiplatform, and most of the games you are talking about isn’t even announced. Why do you have to lie to make your console seem like it is in a better position, when it’s doing better already with it’s current line-up. And you actually you forgot Socom 4, a game that IS exclusive and IS announced.

    • Damn Alex c, I really am getting tired of SEQUELS just by looking at that list you wrote. That is why Heavy Rain felt so fresh to me.

  • Good article, bro.

    Man, if Killzone 3 gets announced tonight, or even in 2010, this will seriously be the year that PS3 begins its ascencion into the top of the charts, baby!

  • Carvega

    The PS3 is definitely starting off the year well! With both FF XIII and GOW III out this month, March will likely be the PS3’s best non-holiday month in its lifetime.

  • Justin

    you cannot give all the console sales to Heavy Rain though just like you cannot give all the console sales to uncharted 2, because when Uncharted 2 was released the slim was released just before it so regardless the PS3 was going to sell better. How do you know that people buy a PS3 in Feb were not buying it for the upcoming FFXIII or GoW III? they very well could have been buying it in anticipation for those 2 games as well

  • URFunny

    LMFAO @ system seller !!!! Like we havent heard that one before.

  • jony_rotten

    Huh? How are people stating that it isnt a system seller? If this game helps Sony sell one of their systems, then it is a system seller.

    Now multiply that by 17,000.
    I doubt you wouldnt disregard $5.1 million of extra console sales after
    2 weeks.