Buy a PS3 Slim to Play Heavy Rain While PSN is Down

On the day that TQcast finally receives Heavy Rain for the PS3, the damn PSN is down and affecting my fat PS3 from playing any games. Now, I read via the PlayStation Blog that the PSN issues may be resolved in the next 24 hours. I have been having anxiety attacks for the past few weeks, waiting on Heavy Rain. I can either sue Sony for my anxiety attacks, go out and buy a PS3 slim tonight while the PSN is down and start on my Heavy Rain Journey, or I fire up my 360 (no pun intended) and play some Deadly Premonition until my eyes bleed or the PSN comes back on.

Is this what Sony meant, when they stated that there will be PS3 Slim shortages this year?

How many others are going out of their way to get on the PSN?

And by the way, 360 fans are actually treating this rather good. Not too much hate going on right now, despite the massive PSN red ring.

  • Rosco

    LOL! Dude, I just bought a Slim today for that same reason. My GF bought me Heavy Rain, and I guess I have been wanting to buy a second PS3 for our den. I’ll be on in a few with the Slim!


    Well man, you go buy that slim and send Sony the bill. Cause I’m bringing my full BC ps3 into the sony style here and asking for a trade in. This is an absolute lack of any kind of common sense preparation. You would think that with all of Sony’s resources they’d have nipped it in the bud, but oh no. Make sure the new ones work and FORCE your loyal customers to upgrade. I smell a big fat fucking lawsuit. Sony one word of advice. Get rid of that “It only does Everything” ad campaign. For that is now blatant false advertising. Hell it has NEVER DONE EVERYTHING IN CANADA…..FUCK!

    Socom confrontation started doing this error over a YEAR AGO, I called sony relentlessly about and slant six. If they can’t get timezones right then what the fuck are they doing in this business. Christ I am fucking pissed off…

    • I feel you Soopergooman,

      It is pretty upsetting. I can this is as one of the biggest stories of 2010.

      I think the premium PSN service does not look too good right now.

  • jIMMYd

    Yeah, a bit upset about the lack of Heavy Rain tonight, but I hope PSn gets back up soon. This is pretty upseting.

  • josh

    i cant find a ps3 slim to buy in any stores