PSN Red Rings

***PSN is back up and running like it should, even for the FAT PS3’s.*** The issue was due to the system thinking it was a leap year, and the network not allowing it to go through since it is not a leap year. A little Y2K fo yo azz!.

The PSN has been down since approximately 6:30pm today. Apparently, this is affecting all games with trophy support. Demos appear to be the only games working at this point. The good news is, it is only affecting the Fat PS3’s, not the PS3 slims. The bad news is, it seems as if the gaming industry, forums, blog, sites all over the world–have already started talking smack about the PSN’s reliability and performance. It was almost too good to be true, the PS3 was in such a roll. Be ready to start hearing it from the Xbox 360 fan base. Let’s just hope all of our trophies synced once the network comes back up. “Mass Effect time”

Jeff Rubenstein from the PSBlog, had this to say:

“We’re aware that many of you are having difficulty connecting to the PlayStation Network this evening. Those of you with “slim” PS3s (the 120/250 GB models) appear to be unaffected.

Know that we have narrowed down the issue and have engineers working to restore service even as you read this. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and genuinely appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this.

In the meantime, you may want to follow our Twitter account for the latest updates.”



  • I could care less. I’m not spending any cash. None of my game saves are messed up. I can still play games on my PS3. Sony will fix the problem and in the mean time, it won’t cost me a penny.

    Xbox 360 can sit on their analog sticks and rotate.

  • Hoshneer

    I gotta say, this is complete bullshit. It is one thing to fuck up the PSN network but another to virtually break my PS3. I can’t believe the PS3 team didn’t see this glitch coming. They were doing so good this year.
    I have MAG withdrawal already. 🙁

    I nominate PS3 for a bad motherfucking TQ shot! Get your shit straight Sony! Hopefully they will learn from this.

  • Kid

    You get what you pay for……..oh, wait 🙂

  • Guru-007

    I second that TQ-SHOT Hoshneer!!!!!!