Uncharted 2 Podcast Tournament

Tonight–The best of the best Uncharted 2 gamers meet up for a tournament of the ages. Some of the best gaming Podcasts will be competing for Chloe’s ass love tonight at 10pm Central Time, that is 8pm PST or 11pm EST. LIVE video streaming will be available right here–30 minutes before the tourney starts.  If you are interested in competing in this community event–post your name, or team name on the comment area below. You must have a good podcast in order to participate.  I’m kidding, your podcast can suck, and we will even accept non-podcasters as well.  Slots are limited though.

More details in the TQforums

  • Get Ready for this!!! Team Couch Mercs FTW!!!

    • I don’t know, those BMI cats are pretty good. BTW, TQ might need 1 player, since V8 is currently moving.Not sure if he might make it.

  • JaeVicious


  • FnA

    The A-Train mopped the floor with TCM…and then he made BMI look like they had their training wheels on. Steam rolled everyone!

    The Gamesmen have prevailed as the champs of this tourney. Better luck…in the next lifetime, gents. 😀

    Great to see the folks turn out. Was a fun time.

  • Yeah, i must say that FnA was undoubtedly the MVP of the night. I think at one point he had like 25 kills when the rest of us had 4 or 5.

    BMI defeated TQcast
    Gamesmen defeated the Couch Mercenaries

    Gamesmen defeated BMI
    (the Fanboys will face a team comprised of TQ/BMI/TCM to qualify)

    Gamesmen vs ___________

  • Yeah, when I heard Gamesmen were destroying BMI, I was a bit shocked. How the heck do you have time to get that good FnA, with all your Stolen Moon of Londer book signings?

  • Kosamus

    @Desz hahahahaha

    F&A probably used the FAL and magnum the whole time, lol. Havnt played Uncharted 2 in a long time but that is how I use to get 30+ kills all the time.

  • I never thought that I would ever see 30+ people on my PSN Friend List at once! Kudos to everyone who made an appearance, played for us, and subbed in for us. This night as a whole was E-P-I-C and the greatest one I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of. I made a bunch of sweet kills and had even better ones made on me. I cannot speak enough to the caliber of folks comprising this community that has been built- all great people, so congrats to everyone.

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