PlayStation HOME Will Surprise All this Year

PlayStation HOME has come a long way from its date of release to the public in 2008. Today stepping in to PS HOME feels much more complete and active since the release. There are tons of things happening in home today–such as watching video content in the PS Theater, bowling with friends, gaming, shopping, video game launching parties, and even VIP rooms with tons of people from all around the world.

With that said, there are many things that have not been incorporated to PS Home yet. Some of the things that Sony demonstrated at GDC 2007 were personal LCD TV’s with the ability to watch video content, and music streaming from the user’s music library. Both have yet to be added.

The video below demonstrates the LCD TV video and music streaming ability.

Today, Jack Buser Director of PlayStation HOME has stated via US PS Blog that PlayStation Home has an incredible number of new surprises ahead.

We have an incredible number of new surprises ahead, so if you’re not already a member of the PlayStation Home community, there has never been a better time to jump in and experience all of the fun.”

We all hope, he means the long awaited LCD TV streaming and music streaming to say the least, but trading, gifting, user stores, reviews, and virtual sex is welcomed as well.

what else do we need?

  • brutikus


  • Jokerfisch

    Universal party launching that they have for Warhawk and LBP for every game. Bring back the voice chat. Fix the GUI to make it more seamless (Especially the “tile-thing” for the world selector). Also the moving from one place to another should also be more seamless. Also I know this is probably in place because of the advertisements in the world, but the movement of the avatars looks like they have a load in their pants. Why can’t the character sprint. Again i suppose because of the ads. If you make then move slowly through an area the player will have to “Stop and smell the roses” which in this case means to look around at the ads. Whatever, do what you gotta do SONY.

    • Jokerfisch

      Also they should add some face mapping software. So that you can map your face onto the avatar. I take back the GUI comment. It looks like they fixed it. However, there is always room for improvement.

      • Great ideas Joker, face mapping would be cool. I would create myself a Kim Kardashian avatar.

  • PS360WII owner

    OH YEAH! Playstation HOME WILL surprise everyone this year with “expensive” clothing, apartments and etc!!!! $7.99 for an apartment..really? and $1.99 clothes…$4.99 for a golden toilet….$5.99 for a light saber LOL!? wow just wow….
    Screw PS home, if you want to chat, use msn messenger, or yahoo. If you want to watch movies, use your ps3’s bluray player…if you want to relax, go chill with your friends.

    Save your money on DLC games/Arcade games.

    • wow, I hate to say this, but great economic answer. I like saving money, yet HOME can be very addicting, especially if you have many friends in there. But you are right, it does get expensive.

    • David Macphail

      It may shock and confuse you to learn this but you aren’t FORCED to buy any of the stuff in HOME. It’s optional. Every user is given a free apartment and there’s a bunch of free avatar clothing items as well, it’s not like you’re forced to pay just to use the service. If you want to walk around, talk to people and play the mini – games that’s all 100% free. Unlike Xbox LIVE……which charges you just to play a game you’ve already bought.

  • david

    Just bring back the proximity voice chat. It’s not like you can’t just mute someone anyways. It was way more fun and funny even to talk to random people in HOME over the mics.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Great article Desz.. I for one, enjoy spending time in HOME and I don’t mind paying for stuff. As a matter of fact, I don’t mind paying for DLC and Home stuff since I get the access the PSN for FREE as opposed to Microsoft and Xbox Live.

    I like the fact they charge a hefty sum for apartments. You’ll find that your friends have more variety or you can organize to each own different properties.

    Just knowing that some people are scared of the pricing makes me happy. It keeps most of the unsavory folks out of the place.

    I look forward to what lies in the future for HOME. I’ve already seen them do amazing things with Heavy Rain, EA Sports, Xi, and Sodium One in HOME. I can’t wait to see what else is coming.

  • Wes

    Home is all right , seen a couple of weird things there… “Weird” as in a funny weird. Face mapping feature would be awesome though. Can never get my avatar to look exactly like me

  • David Macphail

    What about the 3D Trophy room for everyone’s apartment? That should’ve been implemented on day 1 and there’s still no word on it…………