PS3 Set To Dominate March 2010

With March just around the corner, it is clear that the PS3 has next month all wrapped up. There will be a handful of multi-platform games releasing, but the PS3 exclusives will seal the deal in March.

Below is a list of highlighted PS3 games that will shine this coming March.

[column width=”22%” padding=”3%”]March 2

MLB 10: The Show
(PS3 Exclusive)
March 2nd

MLB 2K10
March 2

BF:Bad Company 2
March 2


[column width=”22%” padding=”3%”]March 9-11

Final Fantasy
March 09

RE5: Gold Edition
March 09

Mega Man 10
March 11


[column width=”22%” padding=”3%”]March 16

God of War 3
(PS3 Exclusive)
March 16

God of War 3
March 16

God of War 3
March 16


[column width=”22%” padding=”3%”]March 22-30

Yakuza 3
(PS3 Exclusive)
March 22

Just Cause 2
March 23

Crysis 2
March 30 (Rumored)


Also, March 30th the PS3 will be blessed with:
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned

There is no question that God of War 3 will be leading the pack this coming March. Let’s get ready to have a PS3 March Madness in Olympus.


    yall missed GTA Episodes From Liberty City.

  • nikkopikko

    wow 3 games that are exclusives. Look at Xbox exclusives for the rest of the year.

  • Alan

    WTF? No way will Crysis 2 be out one month from now! LOL!

  • nikkopikko

    crysis 2 is on xbox 360 also multiplatform.

  • thongslapper

    why have you got GOW3 listed 3 times???
    is it coming out on 3 different dates???

    • Same day 16th. It will be the biggest release in March and one of the biggest in 2010– that’s why is there three times.

  • yeah right

    Crysis 2 is NOT multiplatform, check again. There is no way the 360 could handle that game; besides, it was OPM cover story, and their interview with the dev team clearly stated this is a ps3 exclusive.

    • name

      yes crysis 2 is multiplatform and there is NO WAY! its coming out on march 30th.
      looks like this site missed the multiple EA press meetings recently which stated crysis 2 is due out in Q3.
      last time i checked march 30th is not Q3.

  • diabhalical

    nikko is an idot this is just for march fool!! rest of the year look at the ps3 releases for the rest of the year buddy! title of the story is ps3 wraps up march….get a life hahah!

  • Siggy

    Buying Final Fantasy 13 and God of War 3 on day 1 of their release. I might also get MLB 10 The Show, Yakuza 3 and Just Cause 2. I just hope there’s time to play all these games.

    • I’ll do GOW3 for sure, Final Fantasy 13 and Yakuza 3 a rental for me. MLB 10 The Show I might get as well.

  • Too many games in March! There is one game that’s not on your list. Resonance of Fate. It’s another Jrpg that comes out a week after FF13 (Sega moved it because up until last week it was coming out on the same day as FF13). I will still get Ff13 just not day one. Most likely I will get it used. Resonance of Fate is a day one buy for me.