Xbox 360’s Answer to Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain has been receiving some high review scores from many gaming sites and blogs. Sony’s 2010 momentum has been quite good thus far, and some of the best things about the PS3’s recent releases have been the great exclusives.

But let’s not forget about the Xbox 360, the 360 has some great 2010 exclusives out, such as Mass Effect 2 and have many more coming this year. Let’s look at Deadly Premonition for instance, the 3D Horror game that sends the gamer to investigate a murder mystery in a world where the supernatural is also present. Deadly Premonition has been under the radar for quite some time now, and although the game might not look as good as Heavy Rain, the game seems to have some potential.

Alan Wake is another 360 exclusive that seems to have all the mechanics to be a Heavy Rain contender this year. The nice looking graphics, what appears to be a great story, and Microsoft’s great marketing and community to back it up.

While Sony has been really good at implementing out of the box ideas to these exclusive games, and having success with it, Microsoft has had their own share of success with shooters, and role playing action games. But can Microsoft hold their own against Heavy Rain? Are Deadly Premonition and Alan Wake the games equivalent to that of Heavy Rain for the PS3? Or does Microsoft have a secret weapon that has yet to be revealed?


Only time will tell how good Deadly Premonition and Alan Wake will do compared to Heavy Rain, but one thing is for sure, every gamer should be ready to see a toe to toe match for the remaining of the year. The Xbox 360 should not be counted out just yet; games like Heavy Rain inspire the competition the most.

  • Any movie on DVD is better than this Heavy Pain joke , so the 360 has lots of answers.

    Time to move and burn that PS3 japanese toy and buy a real Ameican gaming machine Xbox 360.

    • Bungie=Troll

      Really?! What an idiot! Ps3 pwns! Just like Ps1 pwnd and Ps2 pwnd! Have fun with you puny line up of games and RROD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

      • Wes

        Dude ….. STFU! You make us other PS3 owners look bad too!

        • b00mfargl3

          Agreed. What a tool. Both consoles have strong points. Im just glad that in this world we have a choice. If its ps3 or xbox im happy either way (just not the wii) Multiplatform FTW!

    • bluem00se

      Heavy Pain? Were you trying to insult or make fun of the game? Because that was a terrible attempt at it. Heavy Rain looks great, even if it is very different from the conventional definition of a “video game”. I played the demo, and it can be very intense in the fight sequences. It also had more story depth in about 30 minutes of gameplay than many games have in their entire campaigns.

      Alan Wake looks excellent, as well. I ‘m incredibly pumped for it, and just pre-ordered the newly announced limited edition. For some reason, I’ve been comparing Heavy Rain and Alan Wake since they were both announced… not quite sure why, but it seems other people are doing the same.

      As for Deadly Premonition… well, at least it’s only 20 bucks…

  • slinky123456

    well i woudnt say me2 is exclusive sense its on pc,and alot of people prefer on pc its actually real popular on the pc.but just to say how the exclusives ar going so far this year…by the end of march the 360 exclusives(and i mean complete exclusive to the 360,no to me2)will have 0,the ps3 will have 7(m.a.g. , wkc , last rebellion , heavy rain , mlb10 the show , GOW3 , yakuza 3)

    • Plasma

      And when Reach and Fable III comes out, everyone is going to forget these titles except Heavy Rain and GoW3, which are going to amazing though. PS3 has a really smart start of this year, but Sony leave nothing AAA title except GT5 from april to december. 360 gets Alan Wake, Conviction, Reach, Fable 3, Metro 2033 and had Mass Effect 2. The lucky ones own both consoles, these lineups are full of must have games…

  • jiggyteddy

    Thanks for making PS3 owners sound like such idiots

    We’re not all rabid ignorant fanboys.

  • Ex-360 owner

    The 360 needs something because it has no games.

    • Tucky

      Woaw … deep comment.
      Very clever guy !!!

    • Vandineo

      ??? are your serious in saying that it has no games???
      XBOX 360 has freakin tons of games and they want everyone to know it. They hype about every release so that when some thing actually good comes along no one CARES anymore.
      PS3 only hypes when something good has come along, but thats RARE,
      god moronic fanboys drive me nuts your all just being idiots.

  • theoldmadking

    This article doesn’t make sense to me. Xbox has no answer to Heavy Rain, there’s no other games out there delivering that same kind of experience. Personally, I’m not too interested in Heavy Rain because I like to “play” games, but I am interested in seeing if they can forge an emotional connection with the consumers, something most games fail to do. But I just don’t think you can compare games like Deadly Premonition and Alan Wake because they’re completely different types of games. I don’t think Microsoft wants or needs an answer to Heavy Rain. I don’t think Heavy Rain will sell very well either for that matter.

    • Wes

      Cleary you havent been reading the news dude Heavy Rain is in the nr 1 spot for pre-orders on amazon. I know at least 9 other people who cant wait to get their hands on this. me myself included

  • gameryupp

    Games on X360 and PC that are NOT ON PS3 aare an advantage to the X360 cause PS3 owners cant have them. Thats exclusive to me. And Y does there have to be fanboys in here? Y u defend the PS3 for like if u work for sony. Freaking idiots. Thats why people cant buy a console without getting bashed. Xbox has no games???? Mass effect 2 just came out, Metacritic is 96%. what do u call that, or Halo Reach, Splinter Cell, Alan Wake, Fable and crackdown. Chill out

    • wartedkiller

      Hey dude you just said it… it’s on both 360 AND PC loll If I want to play a game on 360… I buy it on pc. And if by who knows reason it’s not on PC… it’s only because it’s don’t worth buying it… onestly i’m not a big fan of Xbox because microsoft only want our $$$ and do not seems to care about the future of video game AND HERE I DON’T SAY IT SUCK!!!

  • Lollerskates


    So, PS3’s only owners suddenly doesn’t have PC’s to play all those so called 360 exclusives that are on PC as well. PC is a “Gaming Console” It has Spore, Diablo, Starcraft, etc that any of the 360 or PS3 won’t get. Stop pretending that Microsoft owns all the PC games in the world too. PS3 users have PC’s too you know? and they can play Multiplatform games that the 360 shares with the PC.

  • DaEmph

    What the hell was that crap I just watched?!?!?!!?!? That’s the 360’s answer to Heavy Rain……LMFAO!!! I hope this is a bad joke because that just looks pathetic and the dailogue was a dry as wood and as boring as watching paint dry,. That looks like some game from the PS1 era, the characters look lifeless and looks like something from cutting room floor of a Suda 51 game reject!

  • Bakerboi

    Yo Deadly Premonition isn’t an Xbox Exclusive.

    In fact, if you watch it’s debut trailer it’s the PS3 version that’s being shown in the gameplay.

  • Rob

    Deadly Premonition is a 360 exclusive, it started as a PS3 and 360, but they dropped the PS3 version.

    I think this read made perfect sense dood, they exposed the nothing the 360 has coming..It does say ” Deadly Premonition” seems to have potential, but the video says it is not a heavy rain tier game. Heavy Rain is a game that other devs get motivated by, and wished they had that project to work on. good read!

  • Alan Wake looks quite nice, but the Trailer of Deadly Premonition is a joke, isn’t it?

    And Heavy Rain isn’t a Horror Game at all. Neither does it contain ANY monsters, nore will you aim and shoot at ANY object; it’s simply a complete other genre. So there is no game like Heavy Rain on the 360, sorry. Please read this:

    Oh, and Bungie (at the top): Sell your 360 and get a brain instead.

    Greetz from Germany,

  • noctis

    MARK MY WORDS !!!!!!!!
    Shenmue 3 is the next xbox 360 exclusive !!!
    this year’s E3 will be full of surprises !!

    • Really Shenmue for 360 only? I don’t know. I see it coming to PS3 as well.

      • Tom Peeper

        If Shenmue 3 comes exclusively to 360, then its all over for this year. Xbox would win hands down. Then release Shenmue and Shenmue 2 as arcade and include achievements. Jizz. In. My. Pants

  • Dirk

    I always find comparing exclusive titles across console platforms pointless unless you are honestly trying to compare what hardware & O.S. software is better for a particular console. The posturing only makes sense if someone believes a particular exclusive title is going to sell a console. How many of us actually have both a PS3 and 360?

  • Wes

    Ive grown tired of the Xbox 360 console and PC exclusive trend. Yeah sure its awesome games like 6/10 of the time… but seriously dont call it an Xbox exclusive.. Rather call ti a Microsoft exclusive.. will make alot more sense to the rest of the world

  • PS3 Fanboy

    PS3 rules the Xbox 3 fix me. PS3 has more advanced hardware,better graphics, better exclusives, free online and bluray. The crap box 360 has nothing even close to Heavy Rain. Trey4Life!!!!!!

  • @ Bungie

    Yeah because the xbox 360 is made in America…what an idiot

  • theoldmadking

    Why do people think Xbox has nothing coming out this year? Splinter Cell, Halo Reach, Fable 3, Alan Wake and Crackdown 2 are games I can throw out off the top. That’s not counting games like Metro 2033 and Lost Planet 2 among other exclusives that may or may not be hits. Whether you prefer these games over God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo, The Last Guardian, and possibly more PS3 exclusives is up to you. To me it’s a toss-up. And I still doubt Heavy Rain will do big numbers. Pre-orders mean nothing. Only the hardcore of the hardcore pre-order games, especially games like this. After they snatch theirs up, I have a hard time seeing everyone else doing the same, especially for a single player game in this new, multiplayer obsessed demographic. It’ll move a few mil by the end of the year which is good, but nothing near Halo, Grand Theft, or Call Of Duty numbers. Fact is, PS3 exclusives just don’t sell as well as Xbox exclusives. I don’t think any PS3 exclusive has come close to Halo or Gears numbers yet, however God Of War 3 could change that.

    • Fausto

      @theoldmadking just one little thing: Lost Planet 2 is not a Xbox exclusive.

    • wartedkiller

      Honestly when comes the time to buy a game… I don’t say aemm this don’t sell that mush but it look very awsome… I’ll buy gears of war which only look pretty and it’s not and it give me only 10 hours of gameplay

  • drumrymist

    I don’t know about Alan Wake, but Deadly Premonition looks horrible. Like another poster said the Heavy Rain demo is so amazing, nothing comes close to giving you such a connection! I can’t imagine what the full game will be like…

    My friend who’s all about shooters text’d me saying he hated Heavy Rain’s controls (five minutes into the demo)… 10-20 minutes later, texting me back saying he liked the fights.

    If you like gaming at all, that’s one you should check out, even at a friend’s house!

    • wartedkiller

      If you like Heavy Rain try to buy Indigo Prophecy… it’s the same thing but graphics suck (PS2) and it’s the first one in that way of gaming

  • joe

    Fanboying doesn’t help anybody. OT heavy rain looks like it could be a revolutionary idea to gaming with its unique storytelling and new game controls. However it just isn’t for me. Alan wake looks very intresting though combining a strong story with a lot of action. It just looks more fun to play overall. I’ll be honest I have a 360 and I’ll admit ps3 had a better game line-up last year however with splinter cell, alan wake, reach, possible gears 3 q4, and some others I can’t think of right now this is a great line up for 360. Although I do envy ps3 owners for GOW3.

  • Senpai_Sakura

    Hey PS3 clan the xbox360 has plenty of games specially exclusives like: Halo 3 halo 3.1 Halo 3.2 Halo 3.4 Halo 3.4.1 Halo 3.4.1a so yes how i envy the 360

    as for me i wil enjoy the superior ff13 ps3 version, heavy rain, gow3, last gaurdian, infamous 2, gran turismo5, complete star ocean, white knight, yakuza, aaah do i even need to go on!!!!!

  • harry

    I own PS3 80 gig YLOD 1 time I only
    watched my buddy play the Heavy Rain Demo
    Needless to say I Found it to QUITE INTENSE
    as for that 360 thing dvd 7.5 gigs Blue Ray 27.5 gigs
    so you 360 guys have to BUY most of the stuff
    we get for FREE

  • Alymon

    I don’t think Alan Wake or Deadly Premonition are “answers” to Heavy Rain.

    They aren’t the same types of games. I guess it’s an understandable comparison, but it’s still not accurate, especially considering how long Alan Wake has been in development for.

  • theoldmadking

    @ WartedKiller; Gears only looks pretty? Lol, gears revolutionized this generation. It’s ridiculous how many games, good and bad, borrowed from Gears. The only other game that had the same level of influence is Bioshock in my opinion. And 10 hours is the standard length nowadays, and that’s not including the endless hours you can put into the multiplayer.

    But as far as Heavy Rain goes, I just wasn’t as impressed as a lot of people seem to be. I only played the demo, but there were a lot of issues I had with it so far. For a game so heavily focused on story and dialogue, I thought some of the dialogue was laughable. I remember seeing a video on GameTrailers a while back where you get into it with this black dude at a junkyard and the black dudes voice was just ridiculous. It was obviously a white guy trying to sound black. Another issue I had was the controls. I have no problem adjusting to retarded controls (I’m a huge Resident Evil fan up to RE5), but I can’t believe you have to hold R2 to walk, and if that wasn’t enough, you can’t just steer in the direction you want to go, it felt incredibly awkward, and for such a beautiful game, it breaks the immersion when your walking into walls all the time. And though the graphics are great (not the best graphics ever like some people are saying), I thought the hair was terrible, particularly on the chick. It had that old, N64 mapped down look, which was just weird to me. And the gameplay was nothing revolutionary. It was basically just timed button sequences x10, but they try to make it more difficult by having you press all these different combinations, for example with the inhaler. You could say I’m nitpicking, but these things honestly grabbed my attention when I was trying to get into the game. Nonetheless, I’m still intrigued by the story. The games been getting great reviews, and I can’t judge a game off a demo. I just don’t think it’s going to be very revolutionary, rather a cult classic much like Indigo Prophecy.

  • Indigo

    Whether its by God of War III and Heavy Rain now, or The Last Guardian and The Agent at the end, mark my words – Microsoft have lost this year and have no hope of reclaiming it.

  • Pig

    Why don’t you just buy both systems? They’re both bad ass for their own reasons.

  • @Bungie = Troll, STFU. PS3 fanboys are pathetic. PS1 and PS2 were great systems, but the PS3 is lacking. There are rarely any games coming out for PS3 that I can say that interest me. This is why I went to 360 for my gaming fix. Because it has the games I want to play. Sony has screwed up too much. MAG looks mediocre, White Knight looks mediocre. Hell they even ruined Jak and Daxter, being a huge fan of the original I was awaiting to play The Lost Frontier, I tried the demo, and it was mediocre. Pathetic. Microsoft has been satisfying my gaming needs.

    Though I will say Valkyria Chronicles, MGS4 (both third party), are deep incredible games. Uncharted 2 looks great. Ratchet and Clank looks good. But Sony has been screwing up, I also do not want what I feel is a mediocre online service like PSN.

    PS3 is a disappointment to me as a gamer. It does not have many games that make me want to spend my money on it. Good day Tool.

    • theoldmadking

      Sony has screwed up? Lol, the only thing Sony screwed up on was their price point early on. If anything, I’d say Microsoft screwed up the most out of everybody by making the 360 DVD based, which now Sony and Microsoft fans are paying for literally, with the content that couldn’t fit being sold as DLC. You sound like a Microsoft fanboy, who are equally as pathetic as the Sony ones. Microsoft and Sony have a lot of great exclusive software, and to claim Sony doesn’t have anything worthwhile besides Valkyria Chronicles, MGS4, Ratchet and Uncharted 2 is ridiculous. Does Killzone 2, Resistance, Infamous and Little Big Planet ring a bell? What about the first Uncharted and Ratchet games, not to mention God of War, Heavy Rain, and Agent among others coming out later this year?

      • theoldmadking

        Can’t forget Demon Souls either. And btw, MGS4 is good, but overrated. If deep means a convoluted plot with cheesy dialogue and cutscenes that drag on and on while providing little substance, then it’s as deep as they get. The combat and weapon customization were the only deep parts of the game imo..

  • xboxfan

    You must be freekin joking
    Are those graphics of a PS2 !!!!!!
    Bring on the 720 or whatever it will be called because this is pathetic, that bloody PS3 is miles ahead

  • Hijouri

    I own both a ps3 and a 360, and I wish I had never bought the ps3. My xbox 360 has never broken and gets about 3 hours of use per day. The ps3 has a few good games like killzone and little big planet, but really I find resistance is just fake gears of war, and God of War is just a pointless hack ‘n slash that gets boring after 10 minutes. I’ll admit, while the idea behind Heavy Rain is good and i’ll be buying it, I think there is vast room for improvement. Also deadly premonition looks terrible, barely even looks like it’s from this generation, though Alan wake might be O.K. Also, I know people out there will call me a 360 fanboy but I still think it’s a pretty bad system. PS3 is technically better, but we need some actual games!

  • Chris

    I have both, plus a wii and a PC. They all offer different aspects of gaming. PC is brilliant for stratagy and games like football manager. Wii is great for the family games. 360 has a far better multiplayer system for online gaming (and has some really good exclusives too) and I mainly use the PS3 for their exclusive games. But honestly, i do use the 360 more. I think its built better. Never frozen or broke down on me, whereas the PS3 ive had to have repaired once and is always freezing, as if is cant handle large games.

  • MarkB4077

    It seems everywhere I go to read any gaming news its always the bloody console wars. People need to get over themselves. Both systems have excellent games. The PS3 has not had a history with hardware issues per say but then again the new 360 Slims are pretty up there, I’ve never had a problem with mine. I do not know why the 360 does not have blu-ray, but it’s never held me back, game prices are the same, console prices are now the same, the graphics differences are specific to games and the difference between the two are so little that pathetic is neither Microsoft nor Sony, but people who constantly start stupid things like this. At the end of the day, its up to personal preference, it always is. I like the competition between the two because it inspires both manufacturers to create bigger and better things. Both of them have things the other doesn’t, its always gonna be this way. For god’s sakes this is the height of the gaming industry, and we who are not ashamed to love our hobby (gamers have lives) should be a community. This is exactly what spawns haters, arguments and other things I dont want to hear while im online or chatting or reading comments. What for, having a good argument for either console will not change the facts this is this and that is that. You wanna play gears of war or halo? Get and xbox, you wanna play Uncharted or inFamous? Get a PS3, that simple. So many people can cope without being a total ass, then you get the occasional prized dick heads (you know who you are idiots) who for no reason at all drop in with “FUCK THE 360 FANBOY” or “the 360 is 357 times better than the ps3” These are the people that have no friends and serious life issues and need to sort out their problems before interacting online cus the only thing making them feel good is putting others down.