Heavy Rain has been receiving some high review scores from many gaming sites and blogs. Sony’s 2010 momentum has been quite good thus far, and some of the best things about the PS3′s recent releases have been the great exclusives.

But let’s not forget about the Xbox 360, the 360 has some great 2010 exclusives out, such as Mass Effect 2 and have many more coming this year. Let’s look at Deadly Premonition for instance, the 3D Horror game that sends the gamer to investigate a murder mystery in a world where the supernatural is also present. Deadly Premonition has been under the radar for quite some time now, and although the game might not look as good as Heavy Rain, the game seems to have some potential.

Alan Wake is another 360 exclusive that seems to have all the mechanics to be a Heavy Rain contender this year. The nice looking graphics, what appears to be a great story, and Microsoft’s great marketing and community to back it up.

While Sony has been really good at implementing out of the box ideas to these exclusive games, and having success with it, Microsoft has had their own share of success with shooters, and role playing action games. But can Microsoft hold their own against Heavy Rain? Are Deadly Premonition and Alan Wake the games equivalent to that of Heavy Rain for the PS3? Or does Microsoft have a secret weapon that has yet to be revealed?


Only time will tell how good Deadly Premonition and Alan Wake will do compared to Heavy Rain, but one thing is for sure, every gamer should be ready to see a toe to toe match for the remaining of the year. The Xbox 360 should not be counted out just yet; games like Heavy Rain inspire the competition the most.