Microsoft Reveals Their Windows Phone 7

Wow, Microsoft is taking a huge risk here, but much like their new motto of “I’m a PC, and Windows 7 was my idea”, Microsoft used ideas from the Xbox live and Zune development team to create the new 7 series software. The phone is set to release sometime late this year. What does Apple have to say about this? Microsoft just dropped the bomb.

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  • V8SuperCars

    The idea is fantastic and can see myself picking one up.
    But OMG that was laggy as crap, phones need to be instant, click and its open non of this click and the next screen takes 2 to 5 secs to load up that crap is wack.
    Also the tocuh screen was doggy as, dude was scrolling and windows just opened up and then the dude tried to act like he meant to open that page up LOL.
    If they going to to this make sure its spot on before its released as some doggy laggy phone.