God of War 3 Website Officially Up

The all new God of War 3 site is now available for everyone. The site has tons of info about the latest God of War game and even has a download section for exclusive downloads, the latest GOW3 trailer “Vengeance”, up to the minute GOW news, and much more.

Check it out!

  • john

    Everyone get GOW3…this will be GOTY 2010

    • It is looking good.

  • i think that gow 3 will realy become one of those game that will be remembered in the history of the ps3.i asume that gow 3 will be the game of year in my opinion.becoz kratos is back but this time he is realy angry and anything that comes in his way will smash it with his blades of cheos and my god how amazing the trailer was.and the gounlet seems to be pretty much amazing weapon and believe me u boyz of the xbox 360 fan,if u think halo reach or mass effect or what ever u got.god of war 3 will smach each game u got and i dont care how high sales u got in selling games.but what i know that when kratos is revealed on march 16.u will realy know what sort of epic scale and fantastic real time battles and how brutal will this game be.thanks.i used to be an xbox 360 fan.once before.but i just wake up on my self and now i realy feel lucky that i got a ps3 and long live the power of ps3.cya!!!!!

  • What you talking about gow GOTY. ha ha what a joke this has already been won by non other than mass effect 2. xbox smashes the ps3, piece of sh*t x3 = (ps3.) suckers

    • David Macphail

      LOL, Mass Effect 2’s graphics look like a PS1 game, same with everything on the last – gen garbage RROD 360.

      360 games aren’t good enough to win GOTY, which is why in 2009 Uncharted 2 won and the crap on the 360 got laughed out of the building. Mass Flop 2 couldn’t even save the 360 from getting outsold by the PS3 for the 5th month in a row.

      How come the 360 doesn’t sell? Oh, that’s right, becuse it has no exclusive games and if you leave it switched on for more than 5 seconds it overheats and blows itself up.

  • JQQQ

    Mass Effect 1 didnt do much and didnt win game of the year. I doubt Mass Effect 2 will win this year. As for god of war 3 winning game of the year, i dont know its too early to say. I am very excited about this game and cant wait, part 2 just left me saying WOW when i finished it and all i could talk about for the next two weeks was how epic the god of war games were. Zeus is going down, down down down, Zeus is going down.

  • Billy Feeser

    Great post man Thank you