Do Not Play God of War 3 Demo, unless you have played GOW 1 and 2

The God of War 3 Demo is a great demo, but if you have not played and completed God of War 1 and 2, “DO NOT PLAY THE DEMO”! It has been seen, heard, and read through out different gaming sites by gamers that have never played any GOW games prior to the demo. “The GOW3 demo is whack, the demo sucks, Dante’s Inferno Demo is much better”. While most of those comments or opinions may not be posted for hating or malicious reasons, the GOW3 demo is not bad at all, but it is clear that it is nothing to brag about for gamers with no GOW past experience.

Gaming sites, blogs who have played more than the demo, are stating that the demo comes nowhere near to the visuals and gameplay the final game will have. But what does this mean to the gamers who have not played either GOW 1 or 2, but have played the demo? It really means nothing, because those are the same gamers that have given up on God of War 3, and have decide to go with something like “Dante’s Inferno”.

But what about Sony’s approach and plans for the demo? Why is this, the same God of War 3 Demo from E3? Every gamer that has played the previous GOW titles, may already have their GOW3 copy reserved, regardless on how they felt about the demo, while the non-GOW gamers put their money on a different title after playing the Demo that was made for GOW fans. In order to connect with the new gamers, demos should be as close to the final product as possible; with epic scenes and gameplay that leave the gamer with a “wow, I must buy this game” feeling. Now, we are still one month away from the release of GOW3, and who is to say that Sony doesn’t have plans to release a second demo, or perhaps a supped up demo after the game’s release. But until then, it is completely understandable why the God of War 3 demo is getting hated on by gamers with no prior GOW experience.

If the demo is nowhere near the final product, the best thing to do — is to play GOW 1 and 2 and consider those 2 games as God of War 3 demos. Playing both games will help appreciate the greatness of the titles, and create a new gaming anticipation for God of War 3 due out this March.

  • Jam Beekay


    I have to agree COMPLETELY with you on this one. I played 1& 2 on Collection and found them amazingly good games but then I played the E3 demo and was very very disappointed. It was ok but not as great as 1 & 2 on Collection. I do realized the E3 demo was very early stage stuff so I am not foolish enough to say the game will be horrible but I am anxious to see the finish product. I am sure it will be EPIC. You are right! People should play 1 & 2 off the GOW Collection and consider that the GOW3 demos.

  • Kosamus

    God of War 3 is just a real pretty God of War game. What more do you want? So what if the level design looks similar and all the moves are almost the same. Its God of War 3! I am damn excited to play this game, but probably not as much as some people. Im more of a Fallout New Vegas guy than a button smasher. But still, God of War 3 is guaranteed to have epic bosses.

  • Phoenix33

    I played the demo just the other day and I have not played the collection yet. I was really impressed by the part I did play. I didn’t finish the demo because I really do want to play 1 & 2 first before I get into anything else. I’m excited about these games but right now I’m a big fan of Heavenly Sword.

  • this is cool!!!!!!!! lets play

  • this is cool like I played 1and2 my favorite part is when in 1 i kill medusa and take here head

  • I played 1 2 and3 on3 you can ride a cyocloies and fight monsters