EGM Magazine is Back!

Fresh out of the oven, Steve Harris has just posted on his Facebook profile, that the all new EGM magazine is back in business, and you can now subscribe. Along with the traditional magazine, you will also get the plus premium access to the new weekly EGM:The Digital Magazine for one low price! Subscribe here.

  • sridhar

    i want to known about the cost of this magazine.

    • 64 print/digital issues for $24.99 -ONLY 40¢ an issue!
      32 print/digital issues for $14.99 – ONLY 47¢ an issue!

  • michael

    just signed up canit wait was one of my favs magazine when will first issue ship.. Caint wait

  • sally

    What about the people who got their subscription replaced with Maxim??? Would they need to subscribe? or would their subscription be replaced back with EGM???? I still have 5 months left on my subscription. Not to mention the 12 issues of Maxim I receieved instead of EGM.

    • I believe it’s a totally new subscription.