Heavy Rain Demo only 4 Clues Away

It appears that the much anticipated Heavy Rain Demo landed in the PSN store undercover last night. But there is a catch– you must have 4 pieces of evidence from the 4 day challenge mentioned last week, and of course a European PSN account to go with that, since the US Demo is not due out till Feb 11th. If you don’t feel like taking the 4 day challenge, although we highly recommended, you can always take the shortcut by signing up and hitting up http://www.precinct52.com/case1117_briefing and then choose 4 pieces of evidence. They are:

* The short cigarette butt from the cigarette butts
* The odd right hand driver picture from the tire tracks
* The diner with a Sphinx picture on it
* The Origami Bird

Code will be reward to you.

Big ups SixthAxis!

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Wow. Seriously? I was just writing an article against this.

    • Post it Litigator, I think it will be a great debate.

      This is sort of like the BMI version of the Demo. lol