Beats by Dr.Dre Video Review

Product: Monster Beats by Dr.Dre
Category: Audio, Music, Sound Systems.
Price: $349.99 at Site or $237.00 from TQShop Amazon
Review by: Desz Martinez

– Incredible Sound, crisp, clear, and bass never gets distorted.
– Comfortable
– Great Battery Life
– Look and fit perfect
– Cleaning Cloth included

– Short Audio cables included in package
– Audio Hissing when plugged in to a stereo receiver.
– Price

Desz’s Additional notes or tips** Lower the volume on anything you are initially hooking your Beats by Dre to. The Beats by Dre are louder than most headsets at same volume setting, and could destroy your ear drums.

  • V8SuperCars

    Nice review of the headset, i would love to get hold of these headsets even just to experience them for a day, you a very lucky man Desz and awesome Video Review!!!

    • Thanks V8! Yeah man these are great. Trust me, once you get a hold of a pair, you will not giving them up.