Video Game mO DeAls – Weekend Edition

It is another week, and another edition of the “Video Game mO DeAl$”. On today’s deals, we have God of War 3 with bonuses and money back,  Assassin’s Creed 2 for $20 off,  Xbox 360 games for as low as $7, Valkyria Chronicles PS3 for only $20, Mass Effect 2 with $10 credit, and much much mO!

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Pre-Order God of War 3 from Amazon and get $10 credit on future video game purchases, as well as access to the E3 2009 demo, and an in-game Apollo Skin

But that is not all, the following  games are also honored with the $10 credit for future games.

Final Fantasy XIII
Bioshock 2
MLB 2K10
Mass Effect 2
Dante’s Inferno
Alan Wake

Amazon has Assassin’s Creed for $39.99

Pre-Order Heavy Rain from Amazon and receive a Heavy Rain Chronicles: Chapter 1 – The Taxidermist, a downloadable episode.

Game Stop has Valkyria Chronicles PS3 Game for $19.99. Shipping is $3

Gamestop has BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (PS3) for $30. Use coupon code SAVER for free shipping.

Family Video has discounted some used Xbox 360 games. Shipping is $1.99.

Newegg has several games under $10 with free shipping.

$7 Xbox 360 Games:

$8 Xbox 360 Games:

$9 Xbox 360 Games:

$10 Xbox 360 Games: