TQcast EP 97 – “The Lost Tape”

I want to start off saying, “I LOVE Apple, and Apple products”. There are sometimes when Apple just fails, and today, January 27, 2010 I declare “Apple Fail Day”. That’s right, today, Apple did not only fail to name/design their tablet notebook, but they also built a crappy OS (Snow Leopard) that they have not fixed to be compatible with iLife ’09. While recording TQcast EP 97, GarageBand decided to stop responding, therefore losing our amazing EP 97. I apologize and truly feel bummed out because of this situation. I want to thank everyone for making it to the live show and thank those who sent us text messages and Voicemails. S**t happens sometimes and I’m really hoping Apple fixes all these bugs with Snow Leopard and iLife 09 because I’ve had this issue in the past.

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  • People do not realize how many things can go wrong during or after a recording that can result in the loss of an episode. I, for one, am glad I was able to listen live for most of the show. Don’t sweat one little glitch. You’re still TQ and you’re still going to have an episode 98 next week. Cheers.

  • JaeVicious

    This ruined my morning…

  • You should probably use Audacity next week.

    It was a great show too!

    Make sure everybody tunes in LIVE from now on. lol

  • It really WAS a good show…. wow… I’m upset, it ruined my night yesterday and my whole day today. Sorry guys. I’m glad this is the very first time it happens though and I really hope it’s the last. It’s frozen up on me but i was able to get it to respond…

  • Check for any updates, my G4 keeps prompting me for updates, so I know there are a few new updates. Also, have Audacity on deck, just in case that lame Garage Group doesn’t work out again.

  • Well I know when all the updates come out so I update them as soon as they are available. I even double checked last night to make sure everything was up to date and it was. I’m gonna try out the Adobe Soundbooth. Gotta get the audio sounding proper though.

  • Usual21

    You should also record the aftershows and offer them as a download. This week’s was CRAZY.

    p.s. KB wanted to kick my ass for saying Fuck the Chargers!

    • lol, yeah we should bring KB and others in to the show for the after party.