ZEN Pinball: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Table Review

Ninja Gaiden 2 Header
Game – Zen Pinball [Downloadable Content]
Genre – Arcade
System – PlayStation 3
Price – $2.49 USD and $1.99 EURO

Review by Kosamus Chino
TQcast Staff

Just when you thought Ryu from Ninja Gaiden had taken a permanent vacation from the arcade. Zen Studios has released a Tokyo cityscape pinball table around Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. So not only does Zen Pinball offer some of the most realistic physics in a pinball game, but now a ninja battle to the death. What more could you ask for?

Table 1

Well everything you asked for is in this table. Ryu Hayabusa and one of the Four Greater Fiends the Ruler of Lightning, Alexei makes up the focal point of this table. The Greater Fiend doesn’t make it easy in this lighting quick table of electric charged ramps, hidden traps, multi-leveled platforms, tricky jumps and spider ninjas at every turn. You can defeat Alexei by accepting missions through activating story mode and finishing him for good. But, don’t forget to stop by Muramasas’ shop to pick up a weapon for a boost in scoring power. Not only do the weapon give you improved scoring attributes, but they actually appear on Ryu’s in game avatar during gameplay.

Table 3

The tabletop also features all of your favorite heroines such as Ayame, Rachel and Momiji harnessing their um…attributes. Just don’t get distracted because this is one beautiful table. I’m not just talking about the ladies either. The small details and animations in this table are pretty amazing. From the carvings on the checkpoint statue to the ball slcing and sword blurs of Ryu’s special moves are worth checking out.

Table 2

If you have Zen Pinball or just love Ninja Gaiden. This expansion is a must play. Never before have I been addicted to a pinball table of this magnitude.
Verdict – Must Buy for Zen Pinball or Ninja Gaiden fans.

5 out of 5 Michelas!

  • Great review Kosamus! Can I log in to your account and steal this from you? lol.. By the way, did it come packed with Trophies?

  • It came with 4 additional trophies.


    Flip the ball between the bumpers and get a 6 hit or greater bumper combo!

    Hidden Path
    Collect 30 Crystal Skulls!

    Cruel Justice
    Start the Karma Challenge Multiball by performing 3 obliterations!


    Genshin defeated
    Complete the last chapter of the Story Mode

  • I think I may have a game share left. I’ll hit you up.

  • Veronica

    Great review of the game….and I am guessing this is why my sister got started in doing her reviews and gaming.

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