TQcast Episode 95 LIVE

TQcast Episode 95 LIVE!!! (1:54) “Arigatou Gozaimasu” TQcast is LIVE on Allgames.com!


Beautiful Kitsune from Japan guest stars on today’s TQcast LIVE
Heavy Rain Qore mini-demo impressions.
3D movies and gaming may be a timing mistake.
7 things you may not know about PS HOME
Onlive shows off their fresh gear.
Demon’s Soul impressions by the lovely Kitsune
Project DIVA
Half Minute Hero
Words With Friends
Patpreezy world Premier
All that, plus your TQshots, video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week, and of course much much mO!

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  • I liked the cast. Good job gents. It was very nice to hear Kitsune’s opinions on things as well. Perhaps a constant injection of female reasoning would do us good. One thing though…on the 3D.

    1) Each television set you buy will come with two sets of glasses. Real 3D and several smaller companies are pairing up with different LCD manufacturers. Additional glasses at the point are available for currently unannounced prices.

    2) Most televisions out on the market now can do 3D and just need firmware update. Mitsubishi’s large DLP sets will be getting addons to make them compatible and many LCD makers are looking at ways to make your current set 3D capable as well.

    3) 3D LCDs / LEDs TV will be about the same price they currently are. You might notice a slight increase of maybe 100 or so, but the prices of 3Ds will not very much from the prices you see currently on the market.

    4) Several companies have produced working prototypes which require no glasses to see the 3D; however, these prototypes aren’t yet stable enough or ready for mass production.

    5) A lot of people still haven’t bought an LCD / LED. These people will mostly end up buying a 3D set during this year because there’s no big price difference. Believe it or not, high definition is far from satiating the market.

    6) The most important thing to remember is that these new 3D televisions do it all. They still play good ole’ high definition and standard definition signals. 3D is just an added benefit.

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    do you know Beautiful Kitsune website?

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