Sexiest Video Game Pixel: Madison Paige

Let’s face it; Lara Croft is no longer the queen of sexy when it comes to video games. Now a day, Lara Crofts are a dime a dozen. 2010 has already delivered one work of art with Bayonetta which made public news with her sexy, hairy and seducing looks. But now, in comes a more, umm, let’s say natural, realistic looking beauty by the name of Madison Paige.

The PS3 exclusive due out this February Heavy Rain, introduces a beautiful, sexy, yet, bring home to mom type of character that has already made front page news on many adult sites. Ok, maybe not adult sites, but video game websites, blogs, and magazines have really taken interest in the sexiest pixelated women around today. And let’s be realist here, we all know that it is pointless to drool over Madison right? But come on, it’s the 2000’s, you don’t think there might be some PlayStation Home ladies that might have created a Madison Paige looking avatar do you? Yeah, didn’t think about that huh? We live in virtual world, and Madison, you are invited to my Home Space any day baby. 😉 (Video and Photo Gallery after the break)

Please free to view some of her sexiest pictures on the net, with an exclusive TQ Madison Paige photo gallery located below. Real images are of the actual Madison Paige model

  • Yes, I went there.

  • V8SuperCars

    Ok thats it, forget first day buy for Heavy Rain im importing this game to get it before first day LMAO

    Nice write up, chick is sharp as in the game very realistic, good to see the developer pushing the PS3 power to deliver life like hotties.

  • I have to say she’s sexy but I’m not down with the short hair.

    Good article Desz.

  • Kyle

    I don’t go crazy over videogame girls, but Madison… *drools*

    Probably will rank the “Sexiest videogame character” for a long time.

  • Dave

    Ahhhh…. How-cute…
    How to put make-up…
    Is this game for transexuals, drag-queens or for little girls ?
    I truely hope… Any masculine-males are not into this top-model-game.
    If you are a male… And… Truly like this… Tyra-Banks-Top-Model-game,
    Than… You are truly a big sissy…!!! Trap in a teen-girl-mind.