EA Announces NBA JAM


EA Announced today that they are developing NBA JAM for the Nintendo Wii. For those TQFam that might be too young to remember NBA JAM; NBA JAM was the arcade sports game to play back in 1993. Whether it was at the arcade, the Super Nintendo, or Sega Genesis, NBA JAM was tons of fun and is considered today, a classic. EA SPORTS will mix it up a bit this time around. There will be a combination of old school with new, to bring us an NBA JAM that we can all enjoy.

EA SPORTS NBA JAM will also introduce new game modes, characters and gameplay depth. EA SPORTS NBA JAM is bringing true-to-life body types, updated physics and visible player emotion to the over- the – top experience.

Seriously, the Wii will get dusted off this year. NBA JAM is officially on the 2010 TQ watch.

NBA JAM for the Wii will release in 2010.

Check out the EA NBAJAM website for up updates.

  • I can’t wait man! I’m buying this one for sure!!!!!