Is Heavy Rain the Shenmue of 2010?

What the heck is Heavy Rain is what gamers are asking now a day. Well, Heavy Rain is the Shenmue of 2010. Well, not exactly, but it really does look like it used many ideas from it. Either way, Shenmue was a great game, and one of the best Dreamcast titles ever released, so considering Heavy Rain the 2010 Shenmue, would be a good thing. So now the question is; after watching the many different HR gameplay videos on the net, can Heavy Rain really work in 2010? 2010 is already looking like the year for great Platformers and RPG titles, a year that brings slower pace games than 2009, but never the less, quality and much anticipated titles. The answer would be yes, considering the type of games released this first quarter. But this could also leave Heavy Rain in a “it better be good” situation, or it will get the over hype, “game of the year” award don’t you think?

Heavy Rain vs Shenmue
Heavy Rain-


The more and more footage we see of Heavy Rain, the more and more mixed feedback we see of the game. Some say it will be game of the year for 2010, while others beg to differ, and call it strait out “boring”.

The more and more we play Shenmue, the more and more we say “well ahead of its time”.

Where do you think Heavy Rain stands for 2010?

Heavy Rain is scheduled to be released February 23 2010. Available for pre-order at Amazon and Best Buy now.

  • V8SuperCars

    Desz that trailer was increadable, i this is anything like Shenmue or even half what Shenmue was its a 100% first day buy, without a doubt, after that trailer is on my list.
    For those who dont know im a massive DC fan and massive Shenmue fan, that game was easy my GOTY back in the days, totally blew me away on how far a video game could go. 5/5 Michelas for Shenmue, every time i see a news artical that Shenmue will be remade or a new version is coming i jump up in excitement to be let down that nothing is really coming.
    This game sounds like it might be the filler in.

  • LoL. I just got through playing the small demo in Qore. After I did it, I called my wife in to play. I was shocked at her choices. It makes you really sit back and look at people.

    I fought the burly black dude, then I didn’t take the drugs so I had to escape getting crushed by a car compacter…which I did.

    My wife tried to talk her way out several times and ended up dead. Then she fought back and immediately took the drugs. I was absolutely horrified especially with the quick ending she was given.

    Nonetheless, this game looks solid. Seriously…it even has some Saw-like qualities to it. Would you cut off the tip of our fingers without a guarantee that you would see your child again? You only have five minutes to do it in front of the camera.

    SICKNESS. I’m afraid Heavy Rain may actually knock God of War off it’s perch but then again, people are mostly simple minded. Blood and violence will probably win out in this battle.

    • tan

      hahah totally agree, people dont click onto games like this even though quite clearly they are the best things since slice bread, is because most people are dumbasses that lack imagination… i mean Shenmue should have change the face of gaming forever but people looked by it like it was nothing cause they so dumb………..

      dont let it happen again hope heavy rain sells tonnes so shenmue 3 gets released

    • tan

      really for anyone that doesnt think heavy rain is good, or complains about it , is a moron… ive heard ppl say its like a movie not a game… hahha hello…. you friggin retard thats why it partly makes it so good.. its like watching a amazing movie and making choices and controlling it so everything is more intense and emotional….

      god why cant the world be free of dumb people..

  • ***your fingers…That was meant to be your fingers. Leave mine alone.

  • tan

    YES IT is similar to shenmue.. heavy rain and shenmue for me are the two best games ever made… HEavy rain graphics wise is better than shemue ofcourse 3rd gen console.. and it is more like movie which is great, but on shenmue its open wolrd can you can go whereever you like. and talk to whoever you want….

    so heavy rain is not as open as shenmue but it is an amazing game on par with shenmue….. i hope people go out and buy heavy rain. become intersted in the genre and shemue 4 finally gets released……

    people are wayy behind, i played video games when i was a kid.. people are only strated to get into the trend now…
    shenmue and indigo prohecy… and ppl are only starting to latch on now with heavy rain….. so sad cause these are the best games ever released.. ONLY FOR IMAGINATIVE PEOPLE.. not for dumb button bashers.