TQcast Episode 94 LIVE

TQcast Episode 94 LIVE!!! (1:50) TQcast 2010 is here! TQcast is LIVE on Allgames.com!


TQcast 2010 Predictions
PS3 gets Hacked, playing backups, but is it worth it?
CES updates
Our thoughts on MAG thus far.
JUiCE is finally in Dead Space
Killzone 2 may need a difficulty patch
Pixel Junk Shooter impressions
PS3 Home is the future…future..future
What the heck is Heavy Rain? We have your answer.
All that, plus your TQshots, video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week, and of course much much mO!

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  • Hey guys- there’s an “error opening file” on Ep 94. posible Libsyn botched upload? Just thought I’d give a heads-up.

    • I can’t duplicate that error..?? Maybe it’s on your side.

      • Now it’s working. Wonder what the hell that was? lol

  • Juice is so right about Avatar. Best movie I have ever seen.

    • YES!! Litigator agrees!!! Yeah, Man. I freakin LOVE that movie. I really want to go watch this movie again! Did you watch it on IMAX 3D?

  • Geez, didn’t we have a time limit on it, just write a review Juice. I bet we will all love that idea.

    • Here’s my review:

      10 Michelas out of 5.

      • I’m about to go buy some movie tickets now. I will review this shit on next show. It better be good, or I’ll kick yo ass in the head.

        • Can I go? Has to be IMAX 3D, though.

          • Oh really?? I was going to catch it at the drive in..

  • I have ZERO interest in seeing this movie, except for the fact that I love James Cameron’s previous work.
    However…if Jugito says it’s good, AND Litigator says it’s good, then I’ll watch it.
    …but I am with Desz if the movie sucks……….!!!!!