Are Fanboys Just Techno-vangelists?

Four years into the latest generation of consoles and the drums of war still sound out loud. Check any gaming forum and somewhere in the midst, there’s a question that divides even the greatest of friends. A inquiry so complex that even the most intelligent men and women shy away from giving their own opinions.

Which console is better…the PS3, the Xbox 360, or the Wii?

Despite the best attempts at peer mediation, flame wars ensue and battle lines are drawn. Disparagement, anguish, jealousy, and passion fuel the conflagrations as many are devoured in anger’s wake. But there are those that always survive…those who point and ridicule…those that make claims even more ludicrous than many heard on the battlefield.

These people are the neutralists. The people who puff out their chest and say there’s no console war. They mock those with biased opinions and proudly state they own all 3 consoles as if this makes them better than the rest.

But does it really make them smarter…or none too wiser?

While more extreme fans suffer from moments of complete madness, we cannot blame fanboyism for the racial remarks, sexual harassment, or just plain blind hate. These things have no place in any conversation and should never be excused. However, throughout human history, one thing continues to prevail: human nature. The need to align one’s self or believe in a cause is one of several things essential to human kind. We have our specific religions. We pick our favorite sporting teams. We pick our favorite candidate or political party. So then why is supporting one particular electronic device above its counterparts stupid?

More so, why during these hard economic times do people so readily devalue debating the worthiness of expensive gaming consoles? Yeah, they say they’ve heard all the arguments over and over again. The Xbox 360 breaks down. The PS3 online infrastructure is weak. The Wii is just for casual gamers. But are they really listening? Of course not. They bought all three consoles so there’s no need to squabble about such trivial matters.

Really? They bought an Xbox 360 which is guaranteed to break on them at least twice rendering the need to buy a new one to salvage their Gamerscores. Then to make matters worse, these neutralists bought a PS3 which pretty much plays the same games except for a few exclusives a year. Oh wait…to further establish themselves as gaming royalty, they bought a Wii which they probably play once every six months. Basically what they mean to say is that the quality of products does not matter when you have everything.

That’s right fanboys. Go ahead and laugh. Let them waste their money and do not ever ask them to go car shopping with you. All this time, you have been trying to educate those who need it the most but pride is a false step that leads to brief ascension. No need to rub it in. After all, it’s just human nature.

Instead…turn the tables. Ask them what their religion is. Ask them which sport’s team is their favorite. Dare even to ask them what their political affiliation is. If they don’t get the hint, tell them to buy you all three consoles so that you can be a neutralist too. Beware…results may vary.

  • V8SuperCars

    Hey Hey L1T1G4T0R, nice write up man.

  • Hoshneer

    It does get bad. I have friends on both sides that bitch if i’m not playing enough of each console. lol

  • Denoch

    I am somewhat a neutralist but tend to lean more towards the PS3!! I like the 360 because it has great games, but im fearful that it will fail thats why i use it less than my PS3.

  • LoL. I’m not saying neutralists are bad. I’m just saying nobody’s opinion is better than the rest.

    Most of the TQstaff are neutralists that lean in the PS3 direction anyway unless the BMI copy is available. LoL

  • I couldn’t of said better myself about the BMI copy thing. But I always wish I was playing it on the PS3 instead.

    I guess Bayonetta was worth it due to the game looking better, and playing better, but when I turn on my PS3, it just feels like Home, my hub, my network, my compadre, my brother………… lover.

  • V8SuperCars

    Wow Denoch your comment is like it come straight out my mouth, that and the fact it has free online play, and does much better dvd upscalling and has blu-ray, just seems my PS3 is on more than 360.

    Desz, i have to look into that Bayonetta, i seen it out at the shops already kinda freeked out that it was released and almost bought it but got DJ HERO instead, but was going to grab PS3 version, you say 360 is the way to go hey? but then my list of trophies is growing on PS3 and would like it to grow more, hmmmmm will have to look into how much better 360 is.

    • Technically the the 360 game runs smoother, and looks better. But that is due to the bad porting to the PS3. I would stick to PS3, just for your trophies.

      But if you are a graphics junkie, the 360 looks better this time around.

  • I will say that I play each consoles I own but it comes down to the games I prefer. Everybody knows I’m an Xbox360 Junkie but I play my PS3 and Wii and appreciate the games that they offer as well.

    I like the Xbox because the Online is better. I can foster a community feel out of it.
    I like the PS3 because the First party games are better.
    I like my Wii because it holds my door open… errr…. it’s a good party system for everyone to play.

    They all offer something different and people need to accept that what works for me doesn’t necessary works for you. Different strokes for different folks.

  • Good replies. Perhaps I should have wrote this article during a week without so much news. It probably would have generated more traffic in late Jan or early Feb.