Skype Goes HD

The Jetsons was a hell of a show! But even the Jetsons didn’t have high definition support for their Skype calls. The latest Skype BETA 4.2 supports High Definition video at 720p (1280×720) at 30fps. In conjunction with this great new update, there are a couple of companies Skype has collaborated with to offer self video encoding and processing onboard webcams. Meaning, no need to have a speedy PC to support the HD video. All the HD encoding is done inside that little circle of glass. The webcams are from faceVision and In Store. The cams range from $70-$140 respectively.

Along with this space age Skype update, Skype also partner up with LG and Panasonic to bring Skype HD-enabled TVs. The TV’s will come with all the features the PC and Mac app offers, plus a 720p webcam, and microphone designed to pick up even the quietest farts.

I’ll talk to you guys later, calling my Abuelita through Skype HD. aka “Jetsons HD”.

Good looking out Litigator!