Celebrate The New Year at HOME

Most of us may not be as popular as TQFam V8 or Ochoas08, so the amount of New Year party invitations may be at zero at this point. Or just maybe, we have been working all week, drained from the holidays, and just want to welcome 2010 in a quiet place like HOME. Well HOME is what is all about this year, forget cheap liquor celebrations, and risks of receiving a DUI, stay HOME and celebrate with Sony in a big way. PlayStation HOME will have a New Years celebration at the Central Plaza. There will be awards, and get this; a New Year’s dropping ball to signify the end of 2009! Yeah!! Virtual celebration is in this year, let’s get it!

I will be there! No invitations this year. 🙁

The report came from a Sony PlayStation tweet right here

  • Honestly, sucked! About 20 people, received clothing with “not found” tags on them. Not cool.

  • LMAO that shit was wack. I seen like 13 ppl in home