Heavenly Sword Review

Well TQ’s I thought it might be a neat idea to post up a retro review. With today’s economic crises and cost of living, picking up new games at full price is not an option for many, however picking up a game in the pre-owned or $10 wheely bin is an option for most.

NOTE: My retro reviews is based on value for money on top of how the game plays, this will effect my review score.

Gameplay in Heavenly Sword is very nice, you control the character movements with the left thumb stick while the right thumb stick controls rolls and evades. Square and triangle are pressed to do a standard attack. Holding down the R1 or L1 and hitting square or triangle, changes the sword hits from light to heavy attacks and in the heat of battle this work flawlessly. There are a ton of combos to learn and some are complex, some very easy, but performing combos is complete eye candy, as the detail that is shown on screen is much like watching a Japanese Kung-Fu movie.

The story uses 2 characters. One of the characters is a joy to play with, she uses a bow n arrow. While using the bow n arrow, holding down the action button causes the screen to go in super slow motion. This part of the game was entertaining from start to finish and something that was greatly enjoyed. It was just awesome shooting and arrow and guiding it across the map for a head shot or the very entertaining groin shot in which the enemy grabbed its crotch in pain while in super slow mo.

The game moves into real time sequences at points and you have to press the corresponding button to perform a move, something an old Dreamcast game Shenmue had and it’s used very well in Heavenly Sword. You cannot control the camera angle in this game, it’s preset, but it works great! I am one to have full freedom of the camera, but this much like God of War 2, is set out with a good angle of the levels and it’s set in such angles that you appreciate just how good the game looks.

This game has graphics to drool, it’s ultra sharp, ultra smooth, the art direction on the game is superb, amazing waterfalls, huge backdrops that draw miles into the distance and of course plenty of characters on screen at once. At points in the game you will fight over 1000 enemies on screen, and the game engine handles it with ease. Textures are super high and it’s easy to just sit there and stare at how beautiful this game looks, it’s on another level for graphics, and the fact this game came out almost 3 years ago says a lot. Character models are at higher resolution than anything I have ever seen for its time. The game does have more of a bright vivid look to it, the characters are so life like and move just as realistic as they look. The game does suffer from some slowdown, but only during cut scenes. This slow down may be caused by level loading. However it’s far a few and does not happen while in game play.

This game has an earth shaking effect, the game has 10GB of sound files all uncompressed audio and it shows it in a big way. Just to give you an idea of this, a full blown Xbox 360 game, fmv, sound, extra content, texture etc, fit on a dual layer DVD of 9GB, the sound on this game alone would not be possible on anything other than a PS3. The voice acting is top notch and really adds a great feel to the story.

Overall, Heavenly Sword is a super solid game. While the game is short, it’s as sweet as they come. The old saying is so true “short and sweet”. There are great boss fights, interesting characters to control, awesome story and great level designs. Finishing the game, unlocks a hard mode that will allow you to progress through the game again with tougher enemies. This would have been a 5 Michelas game for me if it had trophy support and a longer story mode, but regardless of this, it offers great value for money. Heavenly Sword is a must have game that’s a joy to finish and like myself, you will be playing it again in the new unlocked mode.

Final Verdict:

  • Great review. I’m gonna have to pick this up again. I never finished the game so I’mma give it another shot.

  • Kosamus

    I played the game in French audio, lol. I just thought it would be funny to play a French game. Seriously though, it wasn’t that bad at all.

  • GREAT Review, my man!
    This is the first PS3-Exclusive game I ever played- right when I bought my system, so not only does it have sentimental value, but it’s simply an awesome game that shows the earliest stages of what the PS3 has the capability of doing.
    It’s a crime that the game has no trophy support or DLC, because I would seriously go back and play it several more times if it did. Here’s hoping that Heavenly Sword 2 comes out sometime soon, and Nariko has a nude scene in it.

  • Man, I really wanted to win this game from the BMI raffle. From all PS3 games, this is probably the most wanted PS3 game for me. I can go buy this game, and probably love it, but any game without trophy support now a days needs to be at an incredible mO DeAl price.

    This, plus the new Ratchet and Clank are going on my Gamefly queue today . Thanks for the review V8!

  • Great review V8!

    This is the first game I ever completely played through on the PS3. It was truly a work of art. I loved the gameplay and despite a few cheap tactics used by a couple of bosses, the game was easy enough.

    I loved Nariko and her little sister’s levels were even more fun to play.

    By FAR this is the most underrated game in the last decade. I think it suffered because Sony failed to push it and the competition from similar titles such as God of War, Devil May Cry, and to some extent the Dynasty Warrior series pigeonholed this game.

    Yes…it was a hack and slash action title but the story line was above that of most. The absolute beauty of the game was second only to Killzone 2 in my opinion. The characters were well constructed and vivacious.

    Lack of trophies wasn’t even a thought for me after I began playing. I just wish Sony had the balls to buy push a sequel out with trophy support and package with the original.

    To me, this title dismissed statute is exactly why Sony will continue to lag behind Microsoft and Nintendo for the next few years.

  • Phoenix33

    I bought this game today and have been playing it all afternoon. I had no idea you had done a review on it. I really like the game.This is the first time in many years that I have played any games and this game is really easy to control and very female friendly. Love the review I can’t wait to finish it.