God of War Collection is one of Sony’s Greatest Ideas

For gamers that never had the chance to play God of War 1 or 2 when they both released for the PlayStation 2, you missed out on one of the best franchises ever created. Luckily, Sony recently released remastered versions of both GOW1 and 2 in their God of War Collection PS3 bundle, available everywhere for $40. Sony’s marketing approach when it comes to the GOW franchise is quite possibly one of the most successful and creative approaches seen in the gaming industry. First off, God of War Collection comes packed with remastered versions of the original PS2 games, but now PS3 compatible. Since when do retail games get remastered? Excellent idea!

Second, what better way to conclude your God of War Collection gaming experience, than with a God of War 3 Demo voucher included in the GOW Collection package. Yes indeed, the best setup for one of the most anticipated games of 2010. Sony releases remastered versions of the GOW 1 and 2, to build up the excitement, anticipation, and the need for God of War 3 due out in 2010, what more can we ask for?

God of War Collection like bundles is what we want to see, perhaps Metal Gear Solid Collection, or Final Fantasy Collection. What ever it is, we are certain Sony will make the proper decisions and create the hype for upcoming Sony exclusive titles. God of War 1 and 2 were easily ahead of their time. The GOW collection looks and plays better than most of the games out today. For those that have received the “You haven’t played God of War yet?” talk. You might want to listen, and play the games that cannot be overlooked or passed up as a gamer. And just think; God of War 3 is being built for the PS3 and is just months away.

Sony might have struggled early on the PS3’s birth, but ladies and gentleman this is what great marketing is all about. What other old school game franchise would you like to see get the remastered service by Sony?

The Video above is of the first God of War game included in the GOW Collection bundle. Button mashing sounds never heard before, and of course the incredible upgraded 720p look of the game.