The Late Night Gaming experience is what every Gamer should consider

Times are changing. Video Games have become more and more realistic. With incredible graphics and sound, the video games of today have really set a standard to not only the gaming sphere, but technology overall. Back in the day, when we wanted to play some NES games, we were content with playing on our 13″ color tube TV, with 2″ speakers that sounded much like tweeters. Today, different technologies are built to support the graphics and sound of these intensive games. Some of these technologies are HDTV’s, 7.1 surround sound systems, projectors, hard drives and of course headsets.

We can all play a video game and be happy with the sound today’s TV has to offer. Some of us step our game up and buy a 5.1 or even a 7.1 stereo system to take full advantage of the video game. Some us buy the latest HDTV to show off the graphics, while others go all out and install a home theater projector.

But what is the true technology that has really made today’s video games that much more enjoyable? Yes, the graphics are great, projectors are a great way to show off that media center, heck, even the couch you are sitting on could make or break your experience. But, how about the sound? Yes, sound. The sound of the game is by far the most important part of a video game besides the graphics. Now, before You think that I’m stating the obvious, let’s face it, not everyone has a decent surround sound system, or the permission to turn up their video game at any given time. And even if you are one of the few to turn up your surround sound system at any given time, are you really getting the best possible sound?

Being a late night gamer, and owning a 5.1 surround sound system has really taught me a few things. First, if I can’t turn up my video game during my gaming sessions, I might as well keep my console off. Second, being a busy working and family man, I rarely have the time to play during the day with my 5.1 turned up, so keep it with the family. But the most important thing I have learned from being a late night gamer, is that sound is everything.

You can have the best possible surround sound system, but I guarantee you, that you are not getting the best possible sound. This is where gaming headsets come in, and not just because it won’t wake up the family, but gaming headsets really improve your gaming experience overall. Whether it’s an extra kill, a level up, or score, gaming headsets have put the video game experience on a whole new level.

For gamers that have yet to try a video game headset, you owe it to yourself to experience what a game should really sound like. Not to mention, the versatility of using it at any given time of the day without disturbing your neighbors or family. There are plenty of gaming headsets offered from companies such as Turtle Beach. Turtle Beach offers everything from budget headsets like the Turtle Beach Ear Force X31’s, Ear Force P21’s, to the higher end models which include the best of the best Turtle Beach Ear Force X41’s. Gaming headsets should be on every gamers Christmas wish list. I bet your mom, girlfriend or wife would buy you a pair without hesitation, for their own benefit, while you the gamer, experiences the video games the way they were intended to be experienced.

Because it is the season of giving, TQcast and Turtle Beach will reward one lucky winner with a pair of Turtle Beach Ear Force X41’s for the Xbox 360 valued at $200 dollars. The rules are simple; register to the TQcast forums, and let us know what you think of late night gaming, and gaming headsets here. Only registered forum members are eligible to win, you must be a U.S. resident. Additional entries are possible, read full contests rules here:

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  • WOW, great stuff, Desz! You’re 100% right on this! Where games of the first few generations were just about passing the time, games of this generation are, without a doubt, completely about immersing yourself into an almost cinematic experience.
    Also, with the increasing amounts of violence, swearing, sex, etc…it’s harder to be blasting your game in the family room while your lady or kids are walking around! I never play immersive games during the daytime anymore- I save those for my Midnight-3 a.m. gaming sessions with my Tritton AX 180s 🙂

  • AlexB

    I agree with Simon. But I play all the time and I get so completely immersed in the game using headsets, wjhetehr on my XBOX 360 or PS3, is the only way play. But I dont no how anyone can wear Trittons. I bought a pair but quickly returned them. The quality sucked, i got distorsion, and didnt like the quality of the build, it was cheap. I boughrt the Turtle Beach X41’s instead. I entering this contest to win anothe pair

  • i really enjoy going through your posts here and i’ve been following from a distance but felt i should let you know. keep it up. Do you have a RSS feed? I just found bloglines and want to put your blog in there.