EA Sports – It’s In The Wallet!?

Just like I stated in TQCast EP 89, in the gaming industry, EA is becoming what “Lil Wayne and T-Pain” are in the music industry…. and that is: THEY ARE EVEYWHERE! You can now open your up wallet and find a prepaid EA Sports Visa Debit Card.  Now I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t need another debit card”, well check this out: By using this debit card, EA will actually reward you with EA reward points that you can use towards any EA titles. Check out the video after the break! by the way, can anyone tell me who that is in the video? She might be the “Hottie of the Week” for me on TQCast EP 89.


  • lol! It’s cool idea, although you could get all around rewards from other cards, and still buy any title you want, doesn’t have to be EA.

    haha it’s funny opening your wallet and seeing the EA logo though.

    I dropped a policy this morning, and my toilet paper had a EA logo inside the toilet paper cardboard.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Wow…I think I’m going to use this. It may keep me from spending so much money on games. I like that you can you use it for Netflix. I just need to know if it works with Gamefly and then I’m sold.

    I bet if you looked at those worms that Mikey had before he got it fixed, there were probably EA logos on them too. “EA Sports…It’s in your Dog!”