TQcast Episode 89 LIVE

TQcast Episode 89 LIVE!!! (1:50) Tiger L1T1G4T0R! TQcast is LIVE on Allgames.com!

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Sony proving that HD-DVD was well ahead of its time.
5 PS3 Games that cannot be passed up
Ecco The Dolphin hates JUiCE
Turtle Beach XLC winner announced
***New Turtle Beach X41 7.1 headset contest***
All that, plus your TQshots, video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week, and of course much much mO!

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  • Maggot

    Wuz up TQ, i picked up a ps3 slim at waly world too so it was a badass bundle… HUGEHUGE very BAD TQ shot for both u for staying home this black friday !!! i was really looking forward to those crazy stories that happen only on that most awesome of days, i was expecting some drinking and late night taco runs and football games outside stores…..buuut guess u guys just getting old for that sh*t 😉 . jkjk.

    — About the whole Bluray/dvd disk i Profoundly DIsagree with u dez, i think ur overthinking the whole thing and reacting as if no1 did shit in the industry like that. I mean look at natal… thats some tech that came out like 2 years ago. THE real problem with this is obviously the price. becuase they will more then likely sell them at bluray price and those ppl with dvds still are gonna get screwd over. Not to mention bluray prices are going down u can snatch a crap load of blurays for around 10 bucks

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    I agree with Maggot. No need to get upset. It was bound to happen. Universal probably felt Blu Ray wasn’t going to last until now.

    Congrats on the Slim Maggot…I picked up one for my bedroom a while back. I may be going back for a replacement for my old fat 250gb.

    Funny…I’ve learned two new things while listening to TQcast.

    1) Everybody wishes their girlfriend was White.

    2) Black men who speak proper always sound like a Black male celebrity.

    LMAO…you guys crack me up! Keep the good times coming!