Why Women come before your PS3

He needed a new Slim anyway.

  • V8SuperCars

    hahahahahaha fricken classic, someone was super pissed about there lifestyle, cannot blame her, dude needs to spend some quality time with the misses, tho it did make for a funny video.
    PS3 PWNED!!!

  • maggot

    that guy is a real duche but caaamaaaan man that girl need to chill the fuck out, no need to break shit uknow… i was expecting her to get a beatdown but the vid cut off… ANd wuz up with these videos, its like the 3rd “cray girlfriend breaks console” video ive seen this week O.o hope it doesnt become a trend or sum sh*t

  • If that was me….I would be UNDER the jail right now….no one touches my PS3.

  • chittymonsta

    Im suprised he didn’t beat her senseless that was pretty funny though……

  • Shrop89

    That was too funny But Foreal WTF Female Need to come down wit that Shit tryin to make a brother commiit homicide. I know my ass would be goin the jail that night