MAG Beta 4 Starts Today

For those that have pre-ordered MAG from Gamestop, you now have the go to test out the MAG Beta 4. There have been several fixes and enhancements added to this update, including the following:

More than 6,000 changes from the last phase to Beta 4, not the least of which include an increased level cap from 40 to 60.
A retooled skill tree and experience curve, and an improved ranking system – all based on the feedback from our diligent testing crew.

The introduction of two new major features to Beta 4:
The implementation the oft-asked about “proximity chat” feature that allows you to hear enemies communicating as you get closer, or trash talk them yourself as you punch ‘em full of lead, plus much more.
Again, this is exclusive to the Gamestop pre-orders group.

Check out the complete update on the PlayStation Blog.