God of War III Visits District 9

The District 9 Blu-Ray due out on December 29th, will come packed with the E3 God of War III Demo. For those that complete the demo, you will be rewarded with some exclusive “making of” GOW3 videos.

Now this is what we have been waiting for. Take advantage of the Blu-Ray capabilities Sony!! Hope to see more of these Blu-Ray packs in the future. Feed on exclusivity people, this will only generate more exclusive games for Sony.

  • V8SuperCars

    Interesting news, im kinda of a big fan of the GOW series and looking forward to the re-mix GOW 1 and 2 collection for PS3.
    The vids of GOW3 look crazy and i would like to get my hands on this demo to try it out.

  • Yeah man, I want GOW 1 and 2.