Before I Self Destruct Movie

50 Cent is on a marketing rampage right about now, and for a couple good reasons. First “Before I Self Destruct LP has an official release date of November 23, and not only is this shaping up to be a great album, but 50 himself has stated that this will surpass even 50’s best album yet “Get Rich or Die Trying”.

But music is just the bit of the story, 50 is starring in his very own film “Before I Self Destruct” due out same day as LP, and included in the deluxe edition of the LP. All that was missing was a “Before I Self Destruct” Video Game.

Great things for 50 this year, 50 knows business and he is unleashing the beast of it right now. Look out for upcoming “Baby By Me” video starring Kelly Rowland on November 2nd in which Kelly looks amazing by the way.