TQRaw Episode 7

TQRaw Episode 7 “Biff Attack” (Video Length 34:00)

New Macs unveiled
Hulu getting Cocky
Biff Signs the Modern Warfare 2 PC Petition
Plus TQ puts the ungamed on game with “Backing up your Mac the super way” on this week’s TQ Tech Tip of the week. Plus much much more in just 34 minutes… &

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If you would like us to cover something in specific, feel free to post it under the TQRaw forums thread.

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  • *GREAT episode, hermanos!
    *Biff, it was AWESOME having you on the show, but next time have a seat, brother! You’ve got some interesting stuff to say about tech! TQraw is the perfect opportunity to show the TQfam how you get down!
    *Guys, those new macs sound AMAZING. LED screens? ooohhhwwweeee!
    *Once again, awesome show, fellas, and thank you a million times for showing love to BMI and Inner City Dreams. I can’t wait for the TQ/BMI Ultimate Halloween Extravaganza(s)

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    Good shoW TQ
    Damn, sucks that i wont be able to make it to TQ live cause i work, but for sure i will make it to BMI live later that night so ill c u guys online Halloween night.

  • Biff

    Thanx for the props SDI, though as you know I try to stay off camera as much as possible, because I’m shy and because I’m hiding from the Interpol. but I will continue to interrupt the casts whenever the hosts let me.