Netflix & PS3 Unite!

One of the most requested features PlayStation 3 owners have asked for is the Netflix instant streaming service. At last, Sony and Netflix announced today that Netflix will be coming to the PS3 next month! Slowly but surely, the PS3 is definitely stepping up their game and putting up a great fight against other consoles. In reality, the PS3 has now taken over the living room as a media server. The best thing of the PS3 is that the PlayStation Network is a free service to all PS3 members; with the price cut and now the addition of Netflix, the PS3 will dominate come this holiday season. In comparison to the Xbox 360, members have to pay for the Xbox Live service and an additional monthly fee for Netflix, why spend more money when your PS3 can do it for only the Netflix subscription?


  • Wow!! 360, wipe ur self off, you dead..

    Although for BMI reason the 360 is still valuable.

  • V8SuperCars

    Nice bit of info there JUiCE.

  • WOW, Netflix was 50% of the reason why I signed back up for XBOX LIVE after discontinuing my Gold Account! Time to cancel againnnnn!

    Good scoop, Juice!

  • FiltyOne

    About time!!!

  • Guru-007

    Reserve your Netflix disc today.