TQcast Episode 83

TQcast Episode 83 “Frozen Drake Otte!!” (1:30)

***Turtle Beach Ear Force P21 Contest Announced!*** Listen to the cast to find out how you can win a pair of Turtle Beach Ear Force P21’s for the PlayStation 3. Must be a U.S. Resident to enter.

Uncharted 2 freezing issues, and why it doesn’t matter with the perfect Michela.
Killzone 5, yet JUiCE is still working on KZ2.
Modern Warfare 2 PC lack of servers…… really only 110,000 PC gamers?
Bayonetta Highest Rated game ever!! **BMI Alert**
Brutal Legend Impressions
N64 Kiosk Blue-Print
All that, plus your TQshots, video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week, and of course much much mO!

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  • V8SuperCars

    yeah yaa, new cast up, not avalibale for DL on itunes yet 🙁
    all good will listen to it online

  • WOW, excellent show, hermanos!

    First of all, I fucking LOVE Amaretto, bro. I’ve never had it with a juice of any kind, but I always drink it with Coke or Pepsi…it is AMAZING! (and Desz, it makes me do crazy shit too)

    Juice, your “intermission” song made my jaw drop, man. It was almost as shocking of a moment as your “Riding Dirty” cover!

    I should have posted this in the article itself, but I beat Uncharted 2 in two 6-hour sittings, and both times, the game froze at about the 5-hour mark. I even tweeted about it the second time, because I was at the last level, and after playing for that long of a time, I wasn’t sure how the autosave worked, and I was ready to jump into traffic if the game didn’t save. (This also happened at about the 6-hour mark with InFAMOUS.)

    CRANK 2 is movie of the year, guys. STOP TRIPPPIIINNNNNNN!!

    Finally,…Desz…you screaming “Purple Otteeeeeee” over and over again had me laughing out loud at work. I swear, every epsiode of TQcast makes me look like more of a maniac at work.

    Keep up the good work, famlia, and thank you guys SO MUCH for the support with Inner City Dreams and BMI!

    TQ/BMI 4 LIFE! Black TechQuila for LIFE!

    …man, I can’t fuckin wait til Halloween.

    BMI aka TQ Midwest

  • first of all. GOOD ASS SHOW!!!!!

    Second….I am not afraid to play you Desz. I’m very confident that I could even beat ShittyMonsta now. So we can get it poppin.


  • chittymonsta

    I doubt that Pat……Whats up on the bal live game juice…..And oh yeah pat Ill take you on live too……..One more thing all of you guys go check out my metal music myspace it is myspace.com/jmsproject

  • V8SuperCars

    Awesome show Desz n JUiCE.

    As always was a funny 2hrs listening to you guys and JUiCE rapping break was classic.

    Thanks for the heads up about the inner city dreams fund raiser, was wondering what it was and a very good cause as i myself have a 18th month child and know what you guys are talking about.

    Cheers for the shout out on the show also and i have completed another review for the site.

    Keep up the good work guys and all involved including Biff the producer.

  • Thank you guys!

    Make sure to request these songs to your local radio station: “Love in the Trunk” , “Pop TQ” , “Tell me Again” and “Riding Dirty” ……. err… eh, nvm scratch that, don’t request “Riding Dirty”.

    I will be doing a charity concert for “Inner City Dreams” at a city near you! Make sure to donate to “Inner City Dreams”

    @Chitty – Listen to the show dude.

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