Tritton AX720 Video Review

Pros: Crystal clear sound that puts you in the game, 5.1/Pro Logic II/Stereo mode, dedicated game and voice volume controls, easy to set up, supports PS3/Xbox360/PC/Mac, removable microphone, reasonable price.

Cons: 12ft headset cable, 3ftOptical cable, USB cable, bass could get distorted when you have it playing loud.

TQ Bottom line: If you are a gamer who owns a PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and Mac, these are outstanding headsets. Priced at $129.99, the Tritton AX720 deliver an amazing sound.

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  • How do they sound with movies?

  • Sounds great! I tried this with Crank 2:High Voltage on BluRay and these headsets did not disappoint. These are seriously one of the best headsets I’ve heard. I wonder how good the AX720 Pro’s sound compared to these….

  • when you say best headsets ever, what other have you tried for gaming and movies? Or are you saying better than BEATS by Dre better??

  • Well, while at E3 I tried many headsets that I wish not to name 😉 and they did not compare at all to the AX720’s…. But if you want me to compare them to the Beats by Dre, I think that they’re both up there. The sound on the AX720 headsets are very precise, you can hear every detail in the game,movie,music, you are listening/watching/playing. I would lean more with the AX720 because they have 5.1, something that the Beats do not. Another thing, you can actually use these headsets with your iPhone. Also, a huge plus, these headsets do not require batteries.

  • wow I like your post review to your review JUiCE, should of probably been included on the review. But how can you compare BEATS by Dre with these headsets, if BEATS by Dre would outperformed just on the bass alone. All music has bass and hard drums, I don’t believe that. You stated the bass gets distorted with the AX720’s so how would you choose them over beats by dre?

    • Well, that’s easy.

      1. Price
      2. Compatibility

      For the low price of $129.99 I can use the AX720’s with my PS3, 360, PC, Mac and even iPhone or MP3 player. I think I can put up with the bass distortion. 😛

  • But if comes down to only music, I would not be rocking the Tritton’s lol. Jigga please…

    “Today we will be producing a new hit track….hahaha start promoting the trittons as the BEATS by Dre “we are using our new Trittons AX720’s”. lol

    We should defet talk about your review on tonight’s show.

    Good shit!

  • Hoshneer

    I have a pair of the Tritton AxPro’s, they are no joke. It is by far the best headset I have ever owned. The only cons I can think of is it is hard to hear your own voice because you tend to always crank them up. So I am always yelling on my Xbox. I will tell you one thing though, there ain’t no one that can sneak up on me on Call of Duty.

  • V8SuperCars

    Nice review JUiCE, I was looking at this headset, but could not get hold of a set at the time, kinda wish i did now, i bought some other gaming headset but it only works with 360 not PS3 also, so thats a huge let down if you own both consoles, this seems like a great all in one product for all consoles and all types of styles (music, games, TV/movies etc)

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  • Kromeo

    Garbage … Got them today .. had them plugged in for 2 Mins .. sounded nice .. then the mic cut out and then the head set .. Doesnt work at all now… for the price …. Your right you get what u pay for .. Shit.

  • I got the pros.

    My only complaint is that a piece that connects the microphone to the headset is broken rendering me voiceless!

    I’m not a very happy camper right now especially after spending so much.

    No warranty…no way to fix them. Just have to get a new headset to do the job for me.

  • These are gaming headsets. You don’t want a lot of bass when you’re playing shooters like Modern Warfare 2, you want the highs (so you can hear footsteps instead of explosions). Also, if you really want to boost your 5.1 channel gameplay, buy the Astro Mixamp (it allows you to basically shift into higher gears of sound).

  • Finn Buckley

    can you tell me what the best mode to use when gaming is?? ( like the 2 white lights and a green or the 3 white lights, thanks