Hey Naughty Dog, Uncharted is still Freezing

Freezing, during single player campaign.

Uncharted 2 is great, this article is taking nothing away from it, but it is something that everybody should know, especially Naughty Dog and Sony. When Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was released, plenty of complaints started appearing on YouTube, forums, and blogs, regarding the freezing issues in certain stages of the game. While Naughty Dog did implement a patch for the first game, it was not certain if anything was strictly focused on the freezing issues.

With Uncharted 2: Among Thieves now out, these concerns, and I say “concerns”, because Uncharted 2 is so good, that the freezing is just a bit of a annoyance than a complaint, these concerns are starting to make their rounds through forums. This will not change the fact that Uncharted is one of the best game of all time, but what is the problem here? Both Uncharted games causing PS3 freezing. Could it be the system’s lack of power? Come on, there is no way, the PS3 is the most powerful system out. Maybe it’s the game itself, Naughty Dog’s technology, lack of bug fixes before the release?

What ever it is, it needs to be looked at and explained. Last thing we want is 360 fan boys blogging about the PS3’s lack of power. And for the record, my PS3 was never on full fan speed when the freezes occurred.

  • Bobbio

    I have cleared it twice now and the first time through it froze on me twice and the second time through it froze only once. I just restarted the game and it loaded me right back where i was before it froze. The game is so awesome that i didn’t mind it freezing on me 3 time in the 21 hours i played it for. No biggie, but i am sure they are working on a patch to get the freezes ironed out.

  • bigrailer19

    happened to me once…

    none the less this is slightly worth mentioning! every game will have some sort of problem, not one game is perfect, but Uncharted 2 is as close as they come!

    something worth mentioning is sometimes if a machine gets hot it will fail also, and sometimes random things happen, so i wouldnt put all the blame on ND or the game itself! i know you addressed this but theories will be thrown around!

    in the overall scheme as i said above this is hardly worth mentioning, and hardly a concern! some things should be left unsaid! i like this site and i like what you guys are doin but wow!

    i have to admit no “360 fan boy” would really ever know bout this “concern” because they wouldn’t have played this game! Its this type of media that stirs controversy!

    before people go on and say im a ps3 fan boy, now note im not a fan boy yes i only have a ps3, but i do have a 360 in my house and even though i prefer to play my ps3, i enjoy the console war, and if a developer produces an excellent game on any console its gonna get props. all im saying is this type of media is where fan boyism strands from! again this shouldnt be a concern, ND knows there product and im sure they are more than aware if this is even as big a “concern” u guys believe it is!

  • dtank

    It is freezing due to the internet if you have major freezing problems disable your internet before startingt he single player campaign. Like GTA4 the game is freezing because your internet connection is lagging and it messes up the game because its trying to pass stats back in forth.

  • TheZine

    im on my 3rd playthrough and have played around 20 online team deathmatchs.
    im yet to freeze and i don’t know if its a system model thing because i have the 60GB release model, never broken, perfect condition used maybe 2 hours a day every weekday and 3-5 hours on the weekends (mates and all).
    so its likely just your disk there can be factory issues with some games in the rush to release.

  • Timbo

    Well, if it’s the disc, then why are so many people experiencing the same issues? And internet?? Are you serious??? I should not have to disconnected from the internet to play a game.

  • klarax

    Mine is fine, not freezed so far. for the record im using 60

  • tarbis

    Some of my games that I bought freezes once in a while, so what? It’s not like it’s gonna happen all the time. I’m sure ND is doing something about this already. We’ll have to see and wait.

  • Eggo_waffle

    Hasn’t froze once for me…

  • Guru-007

    It did freeze on me once, but i thought it was because I played for 7 hours straight.

  • funkyellowmonkey(ps3 id)

    No probs so far completed it once (16.5hrs) on a PHAT ps3 60gb – altho i found a bug which i cudnt proceed any furthur – one of the enemy was trapped behind the scenery somewhere as i was being shot at occasionally when i thought i cleared the area, i just eventually just restarted from last checkpoint and everything was working after dat! 🙂

  • Daddy Tlahui

    Yeah, naughty dog.

    I just took my 60 gb PS3 for repairs after it overheated due to Uncharted 2, and I know I was not the only one to suffer from this.

    I will be pretty pissed off if they give me a newer,non BC capable PS3.

    If I ever do get my PS3 intact, I will never play the gam3e untill you release a patch so it wont freeze again.

    honestly this was my GOTY until it cost me more than 150 dollars in repairs.

  • I took a Hooker to church

    I don’t mind about it that much as it never froze on first playthrough so the epicness wasn’t spoilt. It’s froze once after that but it had been on for 7 hours, so it’s not that big a deal.

  • Chris

    I’ve played it for over 30 hours now and it only froze once towards the end of the SP campaign, and that was at the end of a marathon session. Might be Naughty Dogs way of saying ‘Hey, take a breather’.

  • bigrailer19

    @Daddy Tlahui

    no offense but your kinda a moron!

    youll be lucky to get a b/c capabe ps3 back if Sony is doing the repair!

    second its not the game that broke your ps3, and blaming this on the game is rediculous! and to say that you’ll never play this game until it gets a patch for something the minority says it needs is even more rediculous! seriously grow up!

  • Denoch

    My Uncharted 2 has not froze, i have the first generation 80 Gig PS3

  • gatormatt

    @ Daddy Tlahui: UC2 and ND had nothing to with ur system overheating. Ur system ylod’d. My 60 gig did the same thing back in May. I repaired mine myself. Theres guides on the internet to fix it without having to send t it to sony.

  • gatormatt

    @ bigrailer19: You’re wrong, Daddy Tlahui is a complete moron

  • Tom

    I’ve played through twice and it only froze once. I left it for a couple of minutes and it started again. As for the systems lack of power, Uncharted 2 freezes less than most other PS3 and 360 games. Halo 3, gears of war, fallout 3, resistance 2, killzone 2, brutal legend have all frozen on me roughly every 4-5 hours so i can’t complain about Uncharted 2 that much. Also the auto saves are so close by that unless you absolutely can’t wait 30 seconds to play the game again you’ll be just fine.

  • unchartedfan

    Just wanted to say have beat the game all the way though and got almost all the trophies going to play though again and I have not had one freeze. The game has worked fine for me.

  • Steve

    No freezing for me, I’ve put more then 40 hours total into the game counting single and multiplayer. This is an awesome game, I love it, big congrats to Naughty Dog.

  • name

    im starting to think these “freezes” are BS.
    ive had no such thing happen on any of the 40+ games i own on ps3.
    just seems to coincidental.
    uncharted comes out and is rated the best exclusive of all time, these freezing stories come out.

    than killzone 2 comes out and the same thing happens.
    than uncharted 2 comes out and the same thing happens.

  • David Macphail

    I haven’t picked up Uncharted 2 yet (Before you all try to kill me i’ve been really busy, LOL) but i played the first one and never experienced any freezing issues (Although i did come accross this one bug where i fell through the ground and died). The same thing happened when GTA: IV came out. A lot of people were complaining about that game freezing on the PS3 however i got my copy on launch day and never had a single problem with it.

    The only PS3 game that’s ever given me any trouble is Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction and that only froze one time on me. I think “name” may be right…….this could just be a load of sad, angry 360 fanboys trying to bring down all the biggest PS3 games (Those guys DO have a lot of spare time on their hands when their 360’s are at the repair shop for the fifth time in 2 days). If this “Freezing” issue crops up again when Final Fantasy XIII get’s released we’ll know for sure…………..

  • KoRnCreep

    60 Gig here. Never had any issues with my PS3 freezing or firmware update(s) Finished Uncharted 2 and no problems.

  • bigrailer19

    looks like its not that big of a problem as its made out to be! good to hear!

  • I don’t think it ever was a big problem, We will get in to it on tonight’s TQcast Episode 83.

    If you guys search google for “Uncharted 2 freezing”, you will see that it might not be a big concern to the ones that have not experience it, but there are many out there that have this specific issue.

  • unchartedBest

    would like to say to say that there are so many people who are having uncharted 2 game freeze on them and i am 1 of them. I dont think that some of you people understand i can only play the game for abot 15-20min before the game freezes and have to turn it off by holding the off bottom or by ejecting the disk and wait for the ps3 to turn off. I have already returned 1 copy of UC2 and gotten a new copy but it is still happening. Furthermore it would be really nice if naughty dog and sony could fix the bug because i really want to finish the game i am on Chapter 24 and so far the game has been awsome with just a couple of freezing in Chapter 4 and 7 but now on chapter 24 i am unable to play because it freeezes so much

  • @unchartedBest Just out of curiosity, what PS3 model do you have?

  • Paul

    Yeah, mines glitching at the end super bad. Music just loops, and the game doesn’t load. Been doing this for weeks now. Such a freaking bummer!!!