Nominate TQcast for 2009 Podcast of the Year

What’s up TQfam, it is that time of year once again, but for the first time in TQ history we will pimp this out in hopes of a podcast Grammy award!

To nominate TQcast, simply go to and select either people’s choice or Best Produced, in addition, you can also select one more category, which we recommend “Gaming”. The URL should be

Make TQ the Podcast of the Year!

Thank you TQFam!

  • y’all got my vote

  • I voted!

  • Guru-007

    You got my vote!!!

  • I voted right away for TQ as:
    Best Podcast
    Best Gaming Podcast
    Best Produced Podcast
    and People’s Choice

  • Hey wait a minute, Simon is at it again. Simon, you were only able to vote for either or, not all, so I have caught you once again. =\