Desz Guest Stars in Videogameoutsiders

TQcast’s very own Desz makes an appearance on the award winning podcast, Videogameoutsiders. Check out what happens when VGO and TQ mix it up.

Show Notes:
EXPLICIT!!! Keep the kids away from this one!!
Drake’s Fortune 2
Desz from the TQcast sits in for Kyle
Operation Flashpoint 2
NWA Rap Lyrics,
Brutal Legend
Randomness, and more

  • V8SuperCars

    Congrats on the show Desz.

    Shower wrap up-
    Desz- One cool customer, funny as, good value
    Michelle- Sexy voice, smart and good things to say.
    John- Retard, dont think one word he said was worth listen to, what a dope he is. (Sorry to those who follow the show and enjoy him) but he takes drop kick to a new level.

    Funniest part of show- without a doubt Pat calling 360 a 3Shitty not once but like 4 or 5 time OMG that was classic I was on the floor laughing my ass off, (was not cause he was slagging 360 was just the way he said it, so natural)

    Nice going enjoyed.

  • V8SuperCars

    Just listened to that Part with Pat again, my goodness how funny, everyone listen to this cast even just for when Pat comes on,
    Love the bit were he is about to jump out the window when he said Warhawk is better than Uncharted2 LOL.

    Have not listened to a BMI cast yet, after that funny stuff i gotta DL a few eps now.

  • Sandhu Andreas

    Yo Desz, good job on the show man, you were hilarious. The prank calls were the shit.
    First heard about you guys when you were on Tech and Games, been listening ever since and I enjoy your shows. Keep doing your thing.

  • GREAT job on the show, Desz! I have never listened to VGO, but I saw that you were on and HAD to check it out. To be honest with you, even if you go on the “Queer as Folk” retrospective Podcast, I will listen just because, well, you’re Desz, baby!

    Also, V8supercars, you are the man! I can’t stress to you enough how much I appreciate hearing TQfam enjoying BMI or something that Pat or I am involved in. We would love to have you check out a live show some time, brother!

    But once again, Desz, good shit, and I can’t wait for TQ to be on AllGamesRadio.