TQRaw Episode 5

TQRaw Episode 5 “WiiRaw” (Video Length 50:00)

Show Notes:

Kids find Nintendo yummier than Oreos, M&Ms
Sarah Palin’s sexy signature on Xbox 360 for only $1.1 million
AT&T might clamp down on heaviest iPhone data users
Sony’s PS3 takes a commanding lead in sales.
Photoshop on your iPhone

Plus Desz puts the ungamed on game with “Hack Your Wii” on this week’s TQ Tech Tip of the week. Plus much much more in just 50 minutes…
****Turtle Beach Ear Force P21 headset for the PlayStation 3 Contest announced****

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  • *GREAT show, fellas! You are the ONLY show providing people with hands-on tips on how to do things like Hack the Wii, hack your camera, etc…
    *If an iPhone 4G comes out with Verizon in ’10…I may have to make that investment. Not only was AT&T overpriced when i was with them, but dropping calls (especially with my lady on the other end) was NOT cool. Sluggish internet was also an increasingly annoying problem.
    *I’m glad to see that Nintendo has that name recognition with the kids again. Back in the Gamecube days, all kids wanted was a “Playstation” but Nintendo re-captured that market. Good for them. But in my opinion: Reese’s Pieces > Nintendo DS > M&Ms > Wii.

  • Yo Simon, I was just at my annual Health Fair, and Verizon not only confirmed that iPhone will come to verizon but he gave me some inside that I will share on tomorrow’s TQcast.

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  • xxNEOGEOxx

    Wusup guys@ great show! I am one of thos people who has a gamer wife, her gamertag is o sweetdivine o. She almost has as much gamer points as I do. lol. We use to play Gears of War with both of you guys back in the day. She was killing u guys!lol.
    Anyway great show guys! and thanks for the wii hack!

  • Guru-007

    Great show !!!

    You guys are wacking each other off???? What LOL.

    Here is another topic for a future show. How to hack a PSP.