TQcast Episode 82

TQcast Episode 82 “Do Da Diddy” (1:40) TQcast is back in the JUiCE HQ to bring you the latest in gaming and TQ.

***Turtle Beach Ear Force P21 Contest Announced!*** Listen to the cast to find out how you can win a pair of Turtle Beach Ear Force P21’s for the PlayStation 3. Must be a U.S. Resident to enter.

**TQ Madden Tourney winner announced.**
**DOOM CMYK $50 PSN trophy contest winner announced. **
NBA LIVE 2010 Impression
The TQ Wii gets dusted off for Dead Space Extraction
Wanted Weapons of Fate PS3 Review
God Father 2
JUiCE gets a crazy surprise.
PS3 finally modded.
$10 PSN cards are here!!
All that, plus your TQshots, video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week, and of course much much mO!

Make sure you guys check out gog.com that is gog.com, yes gog.com The Home of Good Old games.

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  • FnA

    Great show.

    Also very cool you and GOG are working together. Those are some cool games. Never played some of those games, so now might be a good time to start. 😀

    Keep up the good work and see ya on Uncharted 2.

  • Man, another great show.I love taking these casts with me to work and when I’m out in the cold, my friends are there to make me laugh and help keep me warm!

    I’m sooooo happy that you’re liking Extraction, Desz! The marriage of rail shooting and storytelling is at it’s best on Wii right now. For those complaining Wii owners: shut-up and go play Extraction.

    JUiCE sounded like the old Nintendo64 kids kids video from Christmas morning!

    Man, you can’t beat Lukasz over at GoG! Good Old Games has to be one the best place to indulge in DRM-free retro gaming. Cheers to you guys and them!

  • *ooohhhwwweee! Glorious episode, hermanos! CONGRATULATIONS to GURU 007 for defeating the world’s first “VIdeo Game Terrorist,” Chittymonsta!
    *Also, I wasn’t trying to back Pat out of his Kid Cudi/French Maid contest. If that’s the wager he made, then I guess one of these days, maybe this year, maybe next, I will be co-hosting BMI with a beautiful maid.
    *Also, Desz, you’re definitely a cool ass cousin to get Juice that wonderful Memorabilia that is Diddy Kong Racing. That’s a great TQ Hook-up right there!
    *Finally, the movie you mentioned- “The Girlfriend Experience,” is actually pretty good! The reason I watched it is because an up-and-coming Porn Star called Sasha Grey (She’s also an industrial/Metal Musician) is the lead actress (the prostitute). Steven Soderbergh directed it too, so good pick, playa!
    *Anyways, amazing ass show, fellas! Keep up the good work, thanks for repping BMI aka “TQ- Midwest” 😉 and keep getting that sponsor money, playa! *brrrrrrAP!*


    *clears throat* ok so….I guess the bet is still on…I am a man of my word. I will not be in a Maid outfit.

    Pat Action Turbulator? wow!!!!

    LMAO…Mexicali…..ok! *yawn*

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO my bad Desz …no more Uncharted updates

    The 2k series blows Live away….the only thing Live has over 2k is the ESPN presentation

    overall good ass show…almost pissed on myself when Juice got Diddy Kong racing

  • Kosamus

    So Chittimonsta went into seclusion eh, lol. Way to go Guru! Thats what happens when the great white hype goes down -nohomo-
    Damn, the winner of the trophy contest really tore it up. I can’t believe it, wow. Wish I could get RedBaron off of Gog.com, but unfortunately my pc rig went down for the count. Congrats on your Diddy kong racing, it was a heart warming moment. Next you need NBA hangtime

  • Hoshneer

    Good show guys! That was some funny stuff, I about pissed myself when Juice unwrapped Diddy Kong, awsome game!

    Btw- Gog

  • Guru-007

    TQ Madden Champ here to say what up TQFAM.

    Best Show Ever!!!!!

    I will be giving Madden Lessons for $25 an hour. All skills levels ok. I will have you beating all your friends, or they will be scared to play you!!!!

    Juice will give the details of the game soon. It was a great TQ Superbowl.

    GOG.COM is the shit. I want Far Cry.

    Be ready in the Madden Franchise. I am creating plays on my PSP.

  • Guru-007

    I have some questions on NBA Live.
    Is there 5 on 5 online play? Where you can have ten people play on-line at the same time.
    Did you have any connection problems playing on-line.
    I agree with Pat the NBA2K series as been better for a while. I was a big NBA Live fan, but when I played 2K for the first time a few years ago I was hooked.
    One big reason I prefer NB2k was the crowd. Yes the crowd. When the game was on the line the crowd got into the game. It felt real and increased the pressure. The crowd in NB2K has different characters. In NBA Live they copy and paste the crowd and they don’t have any emotion.

    Also the movement in NB2k feels more realistic.

    BUT I heard NBA2K10 has on-line problems again. Last year the lobbies didn’t work, and hear this year people can’t even play on-line or get disconnected. There are also frame rate issues.

    So Desz,

    I am looking forward to your review. I need to tell my boys which game to get. It looks like NBA 2k10 is not even out for the PS3. Maybe they will l fix the problems.

    Lets set up a hoops Tourney!!!!

  • chittymonsta

    yeah I took a beating I did, but I gotta give it to guru he definatly is good

  • chittymonsta

    And you say you sent me emails I havent got any of them, but the ps3 is my roomates i own a 360, And one other thing you want madden lessons Ill give em for free I will show you a select few plays that will get you plenty of wins out of the pats playbook…..The only reason I didnt beat guru cause I couldnt stop the run at all for some reason and also one stupid int that went for 6 but all that aside I wanna say to guru again good game you played it smart no TO and alot of turner so CONGRATS……….. But I still want my game JUice –,–

  • chittymonsta

    I want Nba live 2010

  • Good job Chitty, Live coming your way. Send us an email to tq@tqcast.com

    For 360 right?

  • chittymonsta

    naw make it for ps3 my3shitty is not workin well latley

  • chittymonsta

    I sent juice an email

  • Guru-007

    Thanks Chitty It was a great game.

  • For those of you that posted about GOG, please specify the game you are interested in, and be sure to use your legit email when posting the comment. I need to forward this info to GOG.