TQRaw Episode 4

TQRaw Episode 4 “Segue Hater” (Video Length 43:00)

Show Notes:

****Turtle Beach Ear Force P21 headset for the PlayStation 3 Contest announced****

New Trojan is taking your money, and you don’t even see it!
Newegg expanding. Good or Bad?
Google WAVE is space age technology.
First ever wireless laptop.
PSPgo games prove why it’s PSPno.
Plus Desz puts the ungamed on game with “Turn your $100 Camera in to a $500 Camera” on this week’s TQ Tech Tip of the week. Plus much much more in just 43 minutes…
Show Tech Tip Links*
Support site
First steps to the camera software install
Firmware versions for your camera

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  • Guru-007

    Great show and keep up the good work. You can do a lot more with the iPhone, but the PSP is way better for gaming. Try madden on the iphone compared to the PSP. The PSP has games like GT, God of War, etc. Peggle is cool but only for dropping a policy. LOL

  • I haven’t had a chance to check out this awesome episode yet! TONIGHT, however, I will get home, make a nice dinner, break out the Coronas, sit with the lady on the couch, and watch TQRAW 4 in the living room, on the big screen where it’s meant to be watched! I swear, TQ RAW is better than ANYTHING on G4 TV! I wish there was a cable deal involved….