Zombie Apocalypse (PS3) TQ Review

Zombie Apocalypse is a classic zombie arcade game, filled with machine guns, chainsaws, fireworks, intense action and a teddy bear!

As the day turns into night, the vomiting zombies arise from the ground and start their attack. Choosing the right character to battle the zombies is in your hands. With up to four different characters to choose from and with different backgrounds, Harlan, Natalie, Jimmy, and Ed, put up a great fight with the right tools on their side. Readily equipped with a machine gun, chainsaw and 1 zombie attracting exploding teddy bear bait, these guys will give it their all, day by day whether you play solo, online, or side by side with your buddies.

Controls: The controls are very straightforward; they are really only four buttons you will use: L1, L2, Left Stick, Right stick. R1 and R2 will do the same as the Left buttons. After finishing day one on Zombie Apocalypse, you will quickly realize that the controls are easy to get used to and are very comfortable. This makes the game enjoyable when you are in the mood for shooting, exploding, or chopping zombies up with the chainsaw.

Graphics: Do not expect to be blown away by this game when it comes to graphics, after all, it is an arcade game. The zombies look horribly good, and the environment is very impressive. This game will definitely be easy on the eye and will keep you entertained with no complaints. I must say that the different environments are very well displayed with great details.

Sound: Although I did not get a chance to play this on 5.1 surround or any gaming headphones, I did play it right off my HDTV. Zombie Apocalypse delivers in the audio department. While playing the game, the suspenseful music and the sound of vomiting zombies will add that extra touch to keep you playing this game. With Halloween right around the corner, this is the game to be playing to get you ready.

Replay Value/Story: It is my opinion that all zombie games can be repetitive, and that’s just the truth; Zombie Apocalypse falls in that same category as many other zombie games. Often compared to Left 4 Dead on the Xbox 360, Zombie Apocalypse also reminds me of another PSN zombie game, Burn Zombie Burn, but with better graphics, sound, and entertaining value. The game starts with 4 different characters to choose from, all equipped with the standard machine gun, chainsaw, and a “bait teddy bear” which attracts zombies and eventually blows all of them up. It is your mission to make it up to day 55 by battling many different zombies that come rushing at you. As the days progress, you are given an assortment of power up weapons such as shotguns and double hand Uzi’s which do have an ammunition limit and are more powerful then the standard weapons. The teddy bear is your key weapon as the zombies get faster and stronger, you must use it wisely as you do not acquire them easily. Now this game isn’t all about shooting zombies, you also have to rescue and defend people who also rise from the ground to be later rescued by a magic ladder that appears from the sky. If you are a true zombie lover this game is for you, if you are searching for trophies, this game is also for you. Just in the first 30 minutes of playing this game, I achieved about 7 trophies. As a quick tip, do not play this game too much, you will start to think it is too repetitive and will most likely hesitate coming back to it. Also, it is better played when you have friends around to play with you.

Wishes or Changes: As stated before, the game can be very repetitive. I would like to see more then seven different types of zombies with different abilities to keep me entertained. I would also like to see different modes while playing online other then the regular killing zombies co-op.

TQ Bottom Line Michela Rating: With 55 days to complete, this game is a must have not only for zombie lovers, but also for those gamers who like pick up and go games. Within a couple of minutes you are rushed into the game and fighting off all the zombies. Zombie Apocalypse can be repetitive but definitely fun when you have friends to play with you. Priced at $9.99 on the PSN Store, this game delivers when you need to change it up from your regular shooters. One of the best PSN zombie games with easy trophies!


  • Good review JUiCE. Seriously that good? I think I’ll wait to play closer to Halloween. Quick pick and play is the deal mann..

  • The only reason I gave it a 4 is because of how easy and fast it is to get into the game. The game added some humor as well that made it just a tad enjoyable when playing. Who doesn’t like an exploding teddy bear who says: “Hug me for a big surprise” and then… BOOOM BITCH!!!! It explodes!


  • oh and the trophies are pretty darn easy!

  • ochoas08

    damn howkome we didnt get this on the share account..???.. n that black character(none racist) lookz like the one from L4D.. oh foreal juice u gotta jump on that l4d its hella fun n krazy!!!

  • kosamus

    Played this at a friends house a few days ago. You hit the nail on the head “repetitive”. To tell you the truth. I played through about half the game in one sitting in co-op. We even made it through those horrid pitch black levels and finally quit around day 40 because of the “repetitive” nature. (only seven levels!) Seriously this game is quite easy to get into and have like 10 minutes of fun, but afterward you’ll just want to turn it off and move on with your life. Only worth two michellas in my opinion because I have no desire to touch this game again. Was too hungover to think it was funny, so that may factor into my feelings for the game.